Best Workout Without Equipment

It is not necessary that you need gym equipments to burn calories and get rid of the extra flab of your bod. Some of the very simple body weight workout exercises for women that will help to burn fat, tone each and every muscle of the body and increase your fitness level.

But make sure that these exercises are done as a circuit and always complete the number of repetitions of every exercise without rest of more than sixty seconds.Repeat the entire circuit one or two times. Now check out the best exercises for woman that can be done without the need of any equipment.

Effective Workout Without Equipment


Stand on your feet and the gap between the feet should be wider than the shoulders. Now hold your arms straight in front of your body at the level of the shoulders. Make certain the torso is upright & keep it in this position for the whole exercise.
The lower back should be slightly arched. Now lower your body as much as you can and at the same time you have to push your hips back and bend your knees. Hold and then push your body to the position where you have started.Repeat this exercise for 15-20 repetitions.

Incline Push-Up

In an incline push exercise, the hands have to be placed on a raised surface like a bench or a box, or step of the stairs in your house. The body has to take the position of a straight line and it should start from the ankles to the head. Make your body rigid as you have to lower your body till the upper arms reaches below the elbows.
incline pushups
Hold and then push yourself back to the position where you have started doing this exercise. It has to be noted that the place where you are placing your hands should be at a higher level as it becomes easy to do this exercise by holding a higher point. In case you find it too easy to do then do pushups by placing your hands on the floor. Repeat this exercise for 15-20 times.

Side Plank

Side plank is a very good exercise to shun the extra flab of the waistline. Lie down on your right side and keep your knees straight. Keep your upper body in a position so that it comes on to your right elbow and forearm and below the right shoulder.
side plank
The left hand has to be placed on the left hip. Try to make your core tight and breathe normally. Now raise your hips so that it makes a straight line that starts from the ankles to your shoulders. Hold on to this position for at least 30 seconds. Do the same exercise on the left side.

Modified Side Plank

In case you find it difficult to do for thirty seconds then hold for five seconds and then rest for five seconds and repeat to complete thirty second time. While repetition, you should hold for a little longer time so that you can reach your target of thirty seconds in lesser repetitions.
modified side plank
Still if you are not able to do it then bend your knees to make a 90 degree angle and then allow lower legs to fall to the ground level while you exercise. By doing so, the body will form a straight line from your knees till your shoulders.

Hip Raise

Lay down on a mat on the floor and bent your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Now keep your arms on your sides to make a 45 degree angle and the palms should be facing up.
hip raise
Keep your core tight withtummy tucked in and breathe normally. Now squeeze the muscles of the buttocks and raise your hips to make a straight; line starting from the shoulders to the knees. Hold on to this position by keeping your core tight. Repeat it ten times.