Black Dresses For Women

Black dresses for women

Black dresses for womenBlack is undoubtedly the most sensual colour for a woman. From a farewell party to a funeral, whatever the occasion might be, black always works without a fail. Be it a little black dress or a black gown or even a simple black top, the mighty dark colour always accentuates the beauty of a woman. The black colour has a sense of oomph and charisma which makes a woman draw instant attention towards her.

But as they say, excess of everything is bad. How-so-ever seductive, how-so-ever enigmatic black might make a woman, but if not used with caution, it can make anyone look like screaming for attention. Lined up below are the various black dresses a woman can sport on her way to being no less than a ‘fashion icon’.

Black Outfits For Women

A Little Black Dress

Often referred to as an ‘LBD’, a little black dress can make any woman look super hot.

Black dresses for women

Worn with a pair of stilettos to a night club or a party with the right amount of make-up, it can make you a head turner. Optimal make-up with smoky eyes can also add a whole new dimension to your look.

A Black One-Piece

Black Dresses For women

 Unlike an ‘LBD’ which is a short number, any below knee or knee-length black one piece can give you the optimal mix of style and glamour. However, stylish hair and a reasonably loud make-up can compensate for a relatively sober dress.

A Black Top

Black Dresses For women

A well fitted black spaghetti, halter, tube, off-shoulder, falling neck or a bow-necked top teamed up with a smart lower can give you a perfect look for a pool party, a hang-out or a lunch date.

A Black Jeans

A pair of black jeans is an absolute must for a girl to have in her wardrobe.

Black dresses for women

When worn with a simple top or a t-shirt, it gives you a casual look. But when folded till calves and matched with a chic shirt over a spaghetti top, it adds a magnificent glamour quotient to the look.

A Black Skirt

Whether in denims, leather or a cloth fabric, a skirt definitely adds a stylish and sultry touch to every look. Be it a school function, a birthday party, an evening date or almost any occasion; a skirt never lets you down.

Black dresses for women

You can pick any type skirt depending upon your body type. An A-line skirt is for the ones with a little flesh on their thighs while a straight-line skirt is for girls with a beautiful, slim set of legs. Apart from these many other styles of skirts are also available in the market.

A Pair Of Black Shorts

Another sought-after garment primarily preferred by slim frames is a pair of shorts.

Black dresses for women

However, girls with a heavier bottom may resort to loosely fitted, knee length shorts which not only look fabulous but can hide their thunder thighs as well. Embellished shorts can be carried off quite well even in discotheques and parties.

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Black Skorts

A skirt and a pair of shorts when clubbed together form what is called a skort.

Black Dresses For women

Very stylish and chic, they can even look reasonably formal if teamed up with a jacket. Although heavier women should refrain from getting into skorts for they would accentuate their heavy bottom.

A Black Business Suit

A knee length A-line skirt or a pair of black trousers, together with a formal jacket can make a boring office-wear stylish.

Black Dresses For women

A high pony-tail, a pair of stylish glasses, stilettos and a black business suit will definitely turn you in a glamorous corporate woman.

A Black Saree

A woman wrapped in a black saree, flaunting her curvaceous body is any man’s fantasy.

Black Dresses For women

A stylish black saree sported with a fashionable noodle-strap or a halter blouse can ensure you a lot of male as well as female attention in any wedding or a formal event. All you have to take care of is to seem comfortable in the saree. Women limping and tripping over in sarees look horribly ungraceful.

A Black Evening Gown

A beautiful back evening gown is your perfect pick for any evening reception or a formal function.

Black Dresses For women

Either with a nice bun or hair let down open, a black gown can give you the perfect look without any extra efforts. But make sure to get the right jewellery, otherwise you can very easily look over-the-top.

So these were a few black dresses a woman should definitely keep in her cupboard. If put together at the right occasion, with the right make-up, the right accessories and above all, the right hair style; they can work wonders with any woman. So, what are you waiting for girl? Just pick up your shopping bag and go for an errand to get these apparels.