3 Tips On Black Tie Etiquette For Ladies

Black Tie Etiquette For Ladies

One of the formal dress code for evening parties and social occasions is the Black Tie etiquette which offers much more choices and flexibility for women as compared to the men.

While for men Black Tie dress code means to put on a Black Jacket which is commonly referred to as the Dinner Jacket or the Tuxedo the women on the other hand can look grand in cocktail dresses at varying lengths of their choices or something that matches the kind of occasion for which the dress is to be worn. The Black Tie dress code itself allows more variability and flexibility as compared to the White Tie dress code.

Importance Of Black Tie etiquette For ladies

Black Tie dress code is a formal etiquette system that has to be followed both by men and women. Women being part of social circles and formal evening parties should also know and follow the Black Tie etiquette which can accentuate their charm and also give high class definition to their personality.

Black Tie dress code allows much variety and therefore women can look graceful and fashionable as well while following the etiquette. Black knee length dress or a long gown whatever is your choice according to your preference and physical structure can add that extra elegance when you are in the formal evening party.

Black Tie dress code

Comprehensive Guide On Black Tie Etiquette For Ladies

Men have clear cut rules about the Black Tie formal wear while women may find it bit confusing as the variety is more for them. If the occasion is only pertaining to drinks that may get over by 8’O Clock in the evening then you may put on a knee length black cocktail dress.

If the event is for a longer duration with dinner then you should go for an evening gown in black or a ball gown. In short to keep it simple and to clear the confusion you should remember that the more formal the occasion is the longer the length of the dress should be. Technically speaking evening formal occasions require a lady to dress in black floor length evening attire. However, for cocktails, summer evening parties or evening parties on a cruise ride you may go for knee length attire in black.

Evening Gown in Black

Accessories Included In Black Tie Etiquette For Ladies

Footwear, purse and also the jewelry worn must be in accord with the Black Tie etiquette. Go for footwear that are black elegant sandals or pump in black Peau De Soie. Carry a purse that has a make which matches the dress and the foot wear like velvet, satin or silk.

Remember the point is to look stylish and elegant so select the jewelry carefully to complete and complement the look. Keep the jewelry restricted to choices that will accentuate your formal elegance. Go for pearls, diamonds and platinum which can perfectly match the dress code as well as the occasion.

Jewelry Worn with Black Tie etiquette

Gloves may be worn which are over the elbow white or in black satin but you must remember to take off the right glove when you are going to shake hands. For creative Black Tie you may mix and match black tie attire along with an eye catching accessory like a jewelry piece or a vibrant stole.

Creative Black Tie