Body Hair Removal Tips

body hair removalEvery human being has hair that grows in different parts and sections of the body. Hair that grows on a man differs from the way it grows on a woman. After puberty, hair on the body becomes a lot more visible on men than on women.

Hair that is commonly visible in both women and men are in areas like the head, arms, eyebrows, legs, pubic region, eyelashes and armpits etc but men have hair on their chest, back, thighs and stomach as well.While women have hair on the arms, legs, armpits, pubic regions, eyebrows, upper lips, etc. However, there are certain distinctive areas of the body do not have any hair growth, like the lips, under the feet and on the palms of our hands.

Body Hair Removal Methods

There are many different methods and tools that can help one in the removal of body hair. Some of them are temporary while some consider as the permanent methods. However, none of the methods are permanent in nature till date. Only the span is longer for the permanent ones while it is not so for the temporary ones.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

Mechanical Ways to Remove Body Hair

Shaving of areas with hair with the help of electric shavers and manual shaver is a very common method. Trimming with a sharp scissors is also another way to remove hair.

electric shavers

Vigorous friction with the help of a pumice stone or a buffer is another easy way of removing hair but can cause damage to the skin. Tweezing is a very painful method and is not recommended.

Chemical Methods to Remove Body Hair

Hair removal creams and powders are used to dissolve hair and make it easier to remove with the help of its chemicals in the product. Waxing is a common method but is also a very painful way of body hair removal. 

hair removal cream

It includes cold or hot wax that is applied to help stick on to the hair and then is pulled off with the help of a damp cloth. Medicines that help in the destruction of growth of hair can also be used. It lessens hair growth until the hair usually stops growing by itself.

Machines Used to Remove Body Hair

Epilators, such as machines and electric devices that remove hair is also another temporary method. With the growing list of products that are available, these temporary products do not provide the best results.

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Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Electrology Treatment

Electrology is a method that has been approved in the United States that helps kill the cells that are responsible for the growth of our hair. It is proven to be the only method that is permanent today.  All other methods though are considered to be permanent but are actually not.

Laser Treatment

Apart from this we have the special laser treatment that removes hair from different areas of the body with the help of laser rays and beams.

laser hair removal

The individual would have to go for at least 4 to 5 sittings to have his hair removed for good. But still, the laser hair removal treatment is just a solution which will last for a few months.

These are a few methods in which you can remove unwanted hair. So why wait, get rid of it in the easiest possible way!