Body Shapers For Women

Body shapers are a wonderful invention and a boon for the modern women. These body shapers can instantly make you look slimmer. They fulfill a woman’s dream of owning a perfect figure which she dreams of day and night. Now you can wear your fitted dress, a trouser or a pencil skirt with ease and style.

You can choose a perfect body shaper for your trouble area; not just that you can even choose the slimming levels as per your body’s requirement. Tummy, thighs and bottom have always been the problem areas for women since time immortal. You can of course reduce them through rigorous workouts.

But in today’s busy world, it may not become possible for most of the women to cope up with the time and work to find time for fitness. The body shapers help such women carry off themselves with confidence. The body shapers are also recommend for women post surgery and for new mothers. Have a look at the body shapers addressing different problem areas.

Different Body Shapers For Women

Waist Clinchers

You can now wear your body hugging dresses and show off your sensational figure without any bulges popping out from your waists. The waist clincher compresses the bulges on your abdomen and slims your waist and back instantly.

waist clinchers

You will notice the changes from the moment you put it on. The flexible boning given inside prevents the roll-up of the waist clincher. It comes with double hook-and-eye closure and zipper closure.

Bust Shapers

Bust Shapers

Bust shapers beautifully conceal your breasts and minimize your size by at least one full cup. This minimizer bra gives full coverage and seamlessly hides the unwanted bulges around your breasts. These bust shapers are designed to give perfect lift, support and comfort by giving you beautiful smooth feminine curves.

High Waist Shapers

High waist shapers extend from under the bust line to mid-thighs. They efficiently compress and slim down the areas of torso, tummy and thighs.

High Waist Shapers

You can comfortably wear it all day long because of the soft, cool and moisture-wicking fabric which is used in the making. They also come in the shape of high-waist panty if you do not want to cover your thighs. Choose black or the skin tone shade as per your requirement.

Long Leg Shapers

The leg shaping Capri controls and slims down the areas from your waist line to below your knees. The Capri gives an impressive shaping and firms and lifts the bottom. It also supports and controls the lower abdomen and hips. If you like you can choose high waist Capri which starts below the bust line. Choose a seamless Capri which can also be used as an outerwear when paired with your favorite tunic or skirt.

Full Body Shapers

If your problem areas are more than one, full body shapers are an excellent solution for you. They help and flatten the tummy, waist, thighs, legs and your hips.

Full Body Shapers

A solution for all the problems found in one packaging. Choose the patterns and styles to fulfill your requirement.  The front closure lets you put them on with ease and comfort. They are also recommended for women after surgery or postpartum recovery, but of course after consulting the physician.