Bra Size Guide: How to Find Your Bra Size

7 out of 10 women in the world do not get the right size of their bra. All this is because of the poor knowledge in this subject. You must know that wrong bra size not only looks ugly but affects the fit of clothes and disturbs the look of body shape in every woman.

Some women wear under sized bra while other prefers comfort with oversized ones. More than your clothes, it is the innerwear that must be given attention.

The first thing to do to deal with this problem is to measure your bust size correctly. Now using measuring tape could be tricky and this is the major problem that leads to incorrect size. The initial measurement has to be taken by wrapping tape around the ribcage.

Add about 5 to the measurement and then choose the bra according to this size. Choosing wrong bra size could be because of less availability as well. Even if your size is measured correctly, sometimes the departmental store does not carry the type of bra you need.

Do not blindly buy just anything and search for a store that is meant to give you just what you need and then continue shopping for bras from there only.

You may need to know how you can say if the bra you choose is correct. Well, a good bra would not make your breast fall out below and above the bra when you stretch or move your hands upwards. The mid area of it must rest flat over the rib cage giving a perfect fit and then the band of bra must not cling outwards but stay within the body’s circumference.

A good supportive strap must also be there otherwise it may trouble you to wear the bra. Make sure your breast fit into the cup of bra easily. If you have small breasts, options like padded bras and different cup shapes are available to deal with it but then again, choose wisely. So this is exactly how one can choose the right size and fit of bra for her self. Try it.