Braided Prom Hairstyles

All set for prom night but unsure of how to style your hair? Well there are many special “princess” hairstyles that would enhance your beauty and make you stand out on your big night.

Prom is a special night for all high school teenagers. They work hard towards finding the perfect dress, the perfect pair of shoes and most importantly the perfect hairstyle to go with both. With the different styles for different lengths of hair, braided prom hairstyles are the most famous out of all.

Speciality of Braided Hairstyles

There are many different kinds of prom hairstyles but the braided style is what is in trend right now. From a stunning single braid from the side of the head adorned with special diamonds and beads to make it look more princess like, to a gorgeous up do of a set of many braids, this style is now wanted by all girls. A braided hairstyle does not only look elegant but its texture and its depth make it a very romantic kind of hairdo.

Below are a few of the different kinds of ways in which you can incorporate braids in your prom hairstyle.

Leaving the Hair Fall Down Over Shoulders

For those who like leaving their hair falling over their shoulders, this is the most classic kind of style for them. With your hair laying loose you can create a few braids crossing from one side of your head to the other side giving the style a little texture and depth.


It helps keep hair off the face as well. This kind of hairstyle is for medium and long length hair.

Side Braided Hair

This is a famous hairstyle and is a favorite of many teenage girls. With a single braid falling from the side of your head, this hairstyle is very simple to create. In order to give your hair a bounce and some volume at the top of your head, you must ensure to blow dry your hair and back comb it before creating the braid at the side.

side braided

In this kind of hairstyle you can use glitter and beads to make it look prettier or even use a ribbon as a part of the braid by weaving it in-between. Necklaces and colored thread can be used for the same.

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French Braids

This hairstyle is one of the classic and most gorgeous prom hairstyles yet. With a French braid created from one side of the head flowing to the other side and over the shoulder, this hairstyle has its own elegance.

french braids

This kind of a hairstyle would only suit women with long hair, as a lot of hair is needed while braiding as the length of the hair is shortened.  This is one of the best braided prom hairstyles that would look ideal with a backless or one sided dress.

Braided Bun Tops

This hairstyle is ideal for girls who would like to show off their dress and keep their hair intact with a freedom of movement.

braided bun tops

It is made up by creating a parting in the hair in the middle of the head with a set of French braids made down each side of the parting right down to the neckline and finally put up together in a big bun.It is considered as the most romantic hairstyle.

Hope the above mentioned information on braided prom hairstyles would help you look your very best on your prom night and perhaps get you the title of “Prom Queen”!