Braids For Long Hair

If you have been growing your hair out and you think styling your hair with fancy hairstyles and cuts is the only way to jazz up your look, well think once again. Braids are and will always be one of the most interesting ways of styling one’s hair.

It doesn’t just render good looks but also protects your hair against sunlight and dust. So what better way to style your hair while protecting them. People with long hair specially have a lot of varieties of braids to choose from. We give to you the 5 best braids for long hair.

Stylish Braids For Long Hair

The Tie Back Braid 

Use the hair pieces on the front of your ear; make nice braids on each side. And take the braids to the back and secure them using bobby pins. You may or may not decide to fluff up your hair underneath. However, this simple braid for long hair can make you look really cute. You may look adorable with no effort at all.

The Downward Milkmaid Braid 

You sure know the milkmaid braid, but this downward milkmaid braid can look even better. Part your hair into two clear and separate sections. Now make thick braids on each side.

downward milkmaid braid

Once you are done with the braids, just cross them over down at your nape. The braids can be easily secured using bobby pins. Make sure the braids are crossed over loosely to get a softer look. You may team this up with any cotton or flowy summer dress.

The Fishtail Braid 

This braid for long hair is almost a rage these days. It may look difficult but is extremely easy to achieve. Simply divide your hair into two clear sections. For a normal braid you use three parts, here you just need two. Now take a thin strand of hair from outside of the right section and cross it to the inside of left section.

fishtail braid

Similarly, take a thin strand from outside of the left side ad cross it to the inside of the right side. Keep repeating this and you will soon see you fishtail braid taking up its shape. If your hair keep falling out simply don’t bother. The messier it looks, the prettier you will be.

The Traditional Milkmaid Braid 

While the downward milkmaid braid is picking up fast, the traditional one still looks equally good and it holds a charm that nothing can compare. It simply can be done by parting your hair into two sections.

Traditional Milkmaid Braid

Now braid each section on each side. Simply take the two braids and cross them atop the head. To add more spice to your look, let two small layers or strands of hair fall from each side and you are done.

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Over-The-Shoulder Braid 

For this you just need to grab all your hair over the crown at once. Now simply start braiding and keep coming straight down.

side braided

This is ideal for those with long layered hair. Small pieces of hair might keep falling out but don’t bother yourself with those. Let the hair fall loose. It can look really unusual and smart.