Braids For Short Hair

People have a misconception that braids are only meant to be for the long hair. Braids can be worn by those with short hair and look as nice and exquisite like those ones with the long hair.

The braids for short hair actually inspire those with short hair (like those with bob and short curls) who think they cannot style their hair when compared to those with long hair.

Best Braid Hairstyles For Short Hair

Some of the most unique and in fashion short hair braid styles are discussed in the following to help you stand out the crowd.

Side Braids For Short Hair

This style looks exceptionally well with those with a little round/oval ish faces making them looking like a Greece goddess. In this all you need to do is part your hair to the side you want the braid and take portion of your front hair.

side braid for short hair

Then you need to braid it neatly and take the braid towards the back and pin it properly and neatly so it stays in place and not come out. This hairstyle can be tried out at special occasion giving them a classic look.

The Fringe Braid

This is more for the cool and the casual look for the everyday look. If you are just bored of your just simple short hair, you can try this to give a different look to your daily look.

fringe braid for short hair

All you need to do is take the fringe portion of your hair, whichever side you prefer and then braid it neatly. Then either pin it underneath your back hair or tie it up with a loop, as you like.

The Waterfall Braid

This looks exceptionally unique and exotic giving you an interesting look from the rest of the crowd. In this you can first part your hair as you like and then take portions of your hair across your scalp like they do when you are getting your streaks done.

waterfall braid for short hair

Once you do that then you need to start braiding from the sideways across the head with the streaks falling through them like a waterfall. In the end where you want to stop it just tie it up with the loop.

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Full Braided

If you are one of those who want to look funky and different from the crowd you can try this out, especially those with extremely curly hair or rough hair (like afro hair sorts).

full braid

All you need to do is part your hair the side you want the braids or even start. Then slowly just start braiding every inch of your hair. This will definitely take a while, but it does have its positive results.


You might be having short hair, but that does not mean every braid style might suit all. It is important that you understand your face and your personality before choosing the right braid hairstyle for your short hair, as everything makes a difference.Go ahead and try on something new and make your presence felt around you.