6 Brazilian Hair Removal And Other Ways Of Grooming Pubic Hair

Brazilian Hair Removal

Right from the times immemorial, women have been using traditional hair removal techniques to groom their pubic hair. Some of the most common methods which date back to almost 3000 BC include burning of tender hair with lamps, ripping out the hair follicles with twisted pieces of twine or using a paste of arsenic to get rid of unwanted hair in private parts of their body.


History has been witness to different cultures which have set varying standards for pubic hair management. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were in favor of pubic hair removal while the wealthy ladies in the middle ages liked the same full and bushy.

Through the ages, various patented products which offer better and safer ways of pubic hair removal have made their way into the lives of women who want to look groomed in all parts. Some of the most popular methods and sophisticated methods of removing hair down there, are available in salons and spas, while general waxing can be done in the privacy of one’s home.

Brazilian Hair Removal Methods

Brazilian hair removal is one of the most popular ways of feeling hairless in the pubic region. Waxing, shaving and laser hair removal are all ways of getting an appropriate Brazilian. Laser techniques undoubtedly rank higher than shaving or waxing to achieve more permanent solutions.

Brazilian Hair Removal Methods

Why Do Women Go In For Brazilian Laser

After a session of Brazilian hair removal through laser techniques, women forget about their worries about ingrown hair or bikini bumps. The clean and fresh feeling makes them feel that they never had any hair in the pubic area to begin with at all. Laser hair removal helps in getting rid of the daily routine of shaving off every morning or paying repeatedly for waxing and other temporary solutions. These benefits have made the laser techniques of Brazilian hair removal very popular among women.

Laser techniques of Brazilian hair removal

The Difference Between Full And Regular Brazilia

A full Brazilian leads to the complete removal of all hair growth from the pubic region. However some women prefer to go in for Brazilians which leave behind a stripe, triangle or other customized designs.

Professional stylists can help style pubic hair in various ways which underline certain basic styles. Some of the popular styles are:


One of the most common names given to the landing strip that’s left behind after a Brazilian waxing is referred to as the “Mohican”.

Brazilian waxing

Bush, Natural Or Au naturel

This particular style of hair removal does not involve any styling or trimming and leaves behind a bushy and full looking pubic region.

Styling or Trimming


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Cut Or Trimmed

This style involves the shortening down of the pubic hair to make it appear less dense and bushy but does not involve any styling or hair removal. However, the inner thighs are often shaved off to get rid of unwanted hair.

Cut Or Trimmed


This is one of the most common styles used for swimmers and tourists on a beach holiday. The pubic hair is waxed from all sides to leave behind a small triangle which can be adequately hidden under the swimwear.


American Waxing

This style involves the removal of only that pubic hair which remains exposed after wearing a bikini or swimwear.

Women, who prefer wearing a bikini, usually go in for hair removal in the exposed regions under the navel and the top of the thighs. This style is also referred to as the bikini line wax or basic bikini wax.

American Waxing

French Waxing

This is one of the most elaborate styles of Brazilian waxing, where a vertical strip known as a landing strip, is left just above the vulva. A hair line of two to three finger widths long and approximately 4 cm wide is left after removing the rest of the pubic hair. This style s also called the partial Brazilian Waxing technique.

In certain cases, the hair present in the labia and the pre anal region is also removed and the technique is called Playboy waxing or G-waxing. This style is extremely popular with the modern day models who have to wear very narrow strips of garment in the area of their crotch.

Brazilian Waxing is therefore the most popular ways of removing hair from the pelvic region as it involves the region around the buttocks, vulva, perineum and inner thighs. It is also known as Hollywood wax, the Sphinx, full Bikini wax or a full Brazilian wax. Whatever the name, it surely plays in important role in the complete grooming of a woman’s unexposed self in more ways than one.

French Waxing