Breast Enlargement With Implants

Breast Enlargement With Implants

Full, firm and shapely breasts are a woman’s dream. Everybody likes to be appealing.  There could be times when you have felt embarrassed to wear swim suite at a beach or you want to wear some sexy dresses, flaunting your cleavage but you couldn’t because your breasts are small.

Tiny boobs could become a reason for drop in self confidence, leading to depression. Though many products in the market claim to enlarge your breast, nothing gives any perfect results. But the urge for shapely body makes woman an easy prey for such fake ads that claims massaging certain creams or taking certain pills could enlarge your breasts.

enlarge your breasts

One way to enhance your breast is to put on weight if you are very thin or anorexic. On increasing weight fat gets deposited on to your breasts making it look beautiful. Proper exercise would also help in enhancement.

According to data available, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery. The widely used breast implants are silicone-gel-based and saline based implants.

Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are basically for reconstruction in case a breast is removed due to cancer or trauma, implant is done for cosmetic reasons or to improve the result of a breast enlargement surgery, implants are also done during gender transition (man to woman) surgery. Breast augmentation would improve a woman’s self-esteem and sexual desire.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

When compared to silicone-gel implant saline implants are most likely to rupture and wrinkle. In women with thin breast tissue silicone gel implants are more advisable because saline implants could be felt on touch and its easily noticeable.

One word to females, who are looking forward to become a mother and breast-feed their children, please think before you leap for an implant. An implant could cause complications during the time of feeding. It could be painful. The result of mixing of silicon or salt (in saline implant) with breast milk is still under debate. So take the advice of a doctor before proceeding for a surgery.


Complications cannot be dodged out as there is every possibility of the body acting against insertion of a foreign substance into the body. So you might have to undergo a second surgery to correct the same.