Breastfeeding Success

breastfeedingOne of the most important things you can do as a mom is breastfeed. Unfortunately for some new moms, this does not come so easily. But, with a little help and some patience, you will be able to have great success.

Believe it or not, the size and shape of your breast can be a factor as much as how well you produce milk. If you are having issues, asking your doctor or midwife for advice can save you a lot of stress and worry. Small breasts make breastfeeding easier. Larger breasts can make it harder to get baby positioned, but baby will soon get the hang of it.
Positioning of the baby is very important to proper breastfeeding. The baby should be supported by your arm or a pillow and lying on his side. Keep your nipple level with the baby’s mouth and make sure that the entire nipple goes into the baby’s mouth.

Your milk will slowly come in over the first 3 days after your baby’s birth. He will feed every few hours and will only eat for about 10 minutes. After time, your baby will eat longer and more frequently. By finding the right position for feeding, your baby will eat better and your nipples will be less sore.

Getting to know your baby’s habits takes time and patience. All new moms worry about the baby eating enough or getting enough sleep. After time, you will learn your baby’s cries to know what he wants, whether it is to eat or be held. It is not an overnight process getting to know your child. While you are getting to know your new baby, he is getting to know you as well.

Your baby will learn your smell, taste and of course your voice. This bonding process will help you and baby to fall into a routine when it comes to feeding and even nap time. Baby will do a lot of sleeping in the beginning so don’t be alarmed. With time and patience, you will become an expert at breastfeeding and you and baby will become very, very close.