Bridesmaid Gifts : Try Jewelry

bridesmaid-jewelryEven the most beautiful dress needs the proper jewelry to finish the look.  This includes the wedding dress.  One can’t imagine a bride without her jewelry, or her bridesmaids without theirs.  The jewelry a bridesmaid wears is often a gift from the bride to her bridal party.

The jewelry is carefully chosen to coordinate with the style and color of the dresses, the theme of the wedding, and perhaps even the jewelry that the bride herself is wearing.  Here are some ideas for choosing beautiful jewelry pieces for your bridal party.

Classic Looks

A traditional wedding calls for traditional jewelry pieces.  Earrings can be drop-style pearls, or crystal.    You can also consider hoops in silver or platinum.  Or choose studs, in diamonds, pearls, or stones that match the dresses.

Another classic choice is a necklace, which really ties the bridal party together.  Some timeless choices include:  pearls or a pendant with a simple heart.  You might find a charm with special meaning for you, or compliments the theme of the wedding.  A beautiful chain is always lovely and will go with most gowns.  When choosing a necklace, try it on with the gown if possible.  The neckline with determine the length and style of the piece.

Something a little Different

A bracelet is a lovely gift, and can accent a gown beautifully.  In addition, a bracelet may be easy to personalize for your bridesmaids.  A charm bracelet can be a wonderful reminder of your special day, and an individualized “thank you” to each friend.   Bracelets work very well with off-the- shoulder, sleeveless, or even short-sleeved gowns.  But don’t go with a bracelet if the bridesmaids are wearing long sleeves or gloves.

If you are wearing vintage jewelry, your bridesmaids can wear a number of options.  Consider a lovely vintage brooch, or a choker with a floral pendant.  Triple strands of pearls and crystals are still elegant.  There are many reproductions available now if you want matching pieces.  Or, search your local antique mall for similar items.  Look for:  bangle bracelets, art deco pieces in vivid colors and clunky styles.  You may find delicate baroque sets of Victorian jewelry.   Find a piece that fits the unique personality of each of your bridesmaids and is similar in color and style for a memorable gift.