Brown Makeup Of 80s

brown makeup

brown makeupWe look through old magazines and posters to see how the pop stars and film actresses used to dress up during those times. The ageless beauty Madonna used to put on a very different type of makeup during the 80s then what she wears now. Her looks and costumes were very popular and trendy and most youngsters used to follow those.

During the late 80s she started sporting the brown makeup look, which lasted till the mid-90s. Since this is an era where no look is backdated, we can try this brown makeup look for certain occasions like a date or brunch with friends or simple shopping.

Ideas For Brown Makeup

Even Face

The whole look of that period was very matte. So it is best to use a primer to even out complexion and remove any extra shine. Apply a matte foundation sparingly and blend it properly with a wet sponge.

Use a concealer to hide zits and dark circles. Since it is all about being matte, finish with a setting powder and brush off any excess powder from the face with a large powder brush.

Contoured Cheeks

The high-cheek boned Diva is the look you are going for. Take a matte brown blush. Remember the shade should not have any glitter or shine. Apply the blush just under the cheekbones and blend with a fluffy Kabuki brush.

Contoured Cheeks

Try to choose a striking brown to give a more intense high cheekbones look. If you feel the colour is too overpowering take some loose powder and try to soften the sharpness by blending it on top.

Intense Eyes

The idea is to get an intense eye look with touches of brown. Take 3 shades of brown-one dark brown like chocolate, one earthy tone like khaki and a neutral medium shade. Apply the medium brown on the entire lower lid and apply the darkest brown on the crease. Take the earthy shade and apply around the outer corners of the eyes.

Then with the help of a blending brush smudge the colours to get a cocktail of brownish hues. Use a cream or beige shade on the upper lids under the brow line. Remember the colours should not be pearly or shimmery as it may ruin the whole idea of a matte-based look. Line the lower lash line with a chocolate brown eye pencil and apply a mascara to intensify the look.

Matte Lips

The power woman of the 80s was identified with dark matte mouths. Take a dark brown lip liner and contour your lips properly. Take a matte brown colour and fill in your lips. The colour of the pencil should match the lipstick.

Matte Lips

However, if you want a slight twist, try to fill in with a colour a few shades lighter than the liner and blend with a lip brush. If you think dark brown on the lips will darken the whole look, considering your intense eye makeup, go for an apricot brown or darker beige for a softer appearance.

Unruly Curls

Use a curling mousse and crunch your hair by applying that on the locks. If you want a more tamed look, try to blow out using a roller brush, or use a tong for softer waves. This will suffice your Power Diva of the 80s look with suitable brown makeup.