Buy Makeup According to Your Skin Tone

Buy Makeup According to Your Skin Tone

Buy Makeup According to Your Skin ToneAs a woman, you may see a certain color or style of makeup on someone else and you may try to duplicate the look on yourself only to find out that it doesn’t look as good on you.

It can be quite a frustrating task for a woman to find makeup that suits her face. Just because a color palate looks good on one woman does not mean that it will look good on every woman.

Some women are lucky enough that they can wear any color or type of makeup and look great in it, while other women just can’t seem to find a look that suits them. In order to look good in makeup, you need to find the right types of cosmetics that complement your natural beauty.

Before you decide to buy any best cosmetic products, you will need to determine your skin tone. Once you know what the base color of your face is, it will be easier for you to find makeup that complements your face and doesn’t make you look ridiculous. Not everyone has the same skin tone. Some women have lighter skin than others.

Some women may have a yellowish tint to their skin, while others have a blue tint or a pink tint. To make things easy, we will break skin tones down into two segments – cool skin tones and warm skin tones. You probably are not sure about the type of skin tone that you have. Don’t worry, not many women have this information. It’s not difficult to find out what your skin tone is.

You can perform an easy test to help determine your skin tone. Select a pure white blouse and a cream colored blouse and try them both on. If the white blouse suits you better then you have a cool skin tone. If, on the other hand, you look better in the cream blouse, then your skin is warm.

When you have an understanding of the base color of your skin, it will be easier to find makeup that suits your skin tone and enhances your natural beauty. Start off by purchasing foundation makeup. This will be the base for all the other cosmetics that you put on your face. You will need to find a foundation that is an exact match for your natural skin tone.

One mistake that women make is that they buy a darker foundation to make their skin look tan. Don’t use foundation for this purpose; that is why they make bronzer. If your foundation does not evenly blend into your jaw line, then you will have a noticeable line that separates the face from the neck. You want to make sure that your foundation blends evenly.

If you have determined that you have a cool skin tone, then look for makeup with a blue or pink base. If your skin tone is warm, then you will want to buy foundation that has a yellow base to it.