Caffeine is Bad During Pregnancy

Every woman expects her baby to be in good health and spirits when it is born. There are few things that pregnant women should take care of in order to have a healthy baby. One of the points to be considered is giving up beverages that contain caffeine. Most of us are hooked to coffee but coffee has been associated with many prenatal complications.

•Caffeine which is found in certain plants and beans is a kind of addictive substance which can affect the nervous system. Significant amounts of caffeine in the blood can cause adverse physical reactions. Caffeine can remain in the blood stream for a longer period of time as it is broken down slowly in the body.

Caffeine can make you feel jittery. It increases the heart rate, blood pressure and sweat production. And is thus, sometimes associated with increased rate of miscarriages.

•Caffeine is diuretic which causes loss of fluid from the body in the form of urine and sweat.  During pregnancy, the body is already running short of fluids and intake of coffee can make this situation worst and which can ultimately cause constipation.

Caffeine when taken more than once a day during pregnancy, can cause nausea, dizziness and even respiratory problems at times. It can also be the reason for dehydration and fatigue.

•Caffeine gets absorbed very quickly in the body and get mixed up with the blood. It can then enter the baby’s body as well. Adults have the chemicals to break down caffeine but babies don’t. Hence, caffeine may get stored inside the baby’s body for a longer time and may increase health problems.

•Caffeine can increase the baby’s heart rate and make it hyper active. It can also hinder the nutrition that your baby gets from your body. Caffeine hinders the absorption of calcium and iron from the food which can affect the baby’s overall development, during pregnancy.

•Caffeine can cause sleep disorders in babies. If a woman has too much of coffee during pregnancy, the newborn baby may stay awake for a longer time during the first few days after the birth. Caffeine can also give rise to insomnia in the mothers. It can cause heartburn and acidity.

•Increased intake of caffeine can lead to underdeveloped sexual organs in the baby, besides causing the baby to be born with a low birth weight.