Care for Oily Hair

It would be difficult to find a woman in this world who is fully satisfied with her figure, appearance or beauty. The hair may be too wavy, thin and brittle, or all of this mixed into a strange type. This forces the women to buy cosmetics and hair-care supplements, which are sold like hot cakes. However, if you use hair products which have chemicals, it may aggravate the problem. 

Teenagers complain not only of dandruff, they also complain of greasy, stingy or oily hair. Though every teenager wants bouncy hair that shines, if he/she has oily-hair it is difficult to get the bounce in your hair. Oiliness of hair may be due to hormonal disturbances that happen during puberty and childbirth, or because of problems with the thyroid, or simply because of eating excessive chocolates and fatty substances.

Oiliness of the hair may be something akin to a curse, but one has to somehow endure it. The oil produced in your scalp looks after the health of the hair, while protecting it from harmful elements. The problem arises when the scalp produces excess oil, bringing a lusterless oiliness to your hair. This can be remedied easily, here are some tips for oily hair:

If your hair is oily, wash it more often without scrubbing it hard. When you are shampooing, never pile the hair on your head, as hair can get tangled, resulting in breakage. To get a shine, add a bit of Lemon while rinsing. You should wash the hair regularly, but condition it only twice in a month. A shampoo that cleans can scrub away the oil from your hair, but use a milder shampoo and scrub hard. Apply the conditioner only at the middle and tips of the hair and never apply to roots. Your diet should contain lesser oil.

Keep away from alcohol and drugs.

Oiliness of hair can be reduced though conditioners, because these coat your hair with lubricants which can replace the Sebum which has been stripped.  Some of these conditioners help to soften the cuticles by bonding the hair, and restoring the shine and glow. After wash, dry your hair gently through squeezes and blots, and not by rubbing or wringing. Don’t brush hair when it is wet.