Care Tips For Dry Skin

Dry Skin

dry skin careMoisturizing

Because dry skin is so sensitive, during winter time problems might arise. It is thus advisable to avoid putting on creams and lotions that come from the supermarket, because they contain petroleum products as well as mineral oils that damage the skin.

One have to use the cream with natural hypoallergenic ingredients, which ensure your skin remains protected as well as enriched with vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, or D.

Avoiding tap water

Dry skin does not like being washed with tap water, which is heavily treated with fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals. You should instead use mineral water or ice water and wash your face with a cleaning lotion, the one without alcohol base in it. This combination will refreshen your skin without damaging it, and you will not be irritated by the combination. Toners as well as milks can help to remove impurities, purify and heal the pores as well as leaving the skin clean and hydrated.

Taking showers

Because your skin can irritate easily, you should probably cut the time period you are spending bathing or inside the shower. Dermatologists have suggested that a period of 3 minutes in the water is enough. You should be using a sensitive soap. Scrubbing is also not advisable to be used every day. You should choose an oatmeal soap, which will exfoliate the skin and not irritate it. Also, you should apply natural oil or butter to moisturize the skin.

For the itchy spots

While the skin might irritate easily, you should perhaps avoid having to scratch yourself. You should apply shea butter or maybe even coconut oil in order to prevent the water from splashing on the skin.

The skin can also be susceptible to eczema problems and other skin conditions. Therefore, in order to prevent this from occurring you should probably use olive oil, coconut oil, cold water fish and the essential oils which contain omega 3.

Humidify the skin

During winter months when the skin is so sensible, you should make sure your skin does not dry itself completely; therefore you might want to add a moisturizer in the room to keep it warm and humid.