Caring for Long Hair

Beautiful and long hair with shine adds a lot to add to the beauty and personality of women of all ages and times. There is no controversy about the role of hair in the over all beauty of the woman. According to some beauty experts, women tend to grow their hair long in order to look more beautiful and sexier.

Long hair needs a lot of care as well. If you have long hair and you do not maintain it properly, they add up nothing to your personality and rather make a bad impression about your personality. So you must take good care of your hair to look beautiful and the first thing this needs is regular use of right type of shampoo. Use the shampoos which are good and specific for the long hair.

Hair Care Tips For Long Hair:

Here are some healthy tips to take care of the long hairs.

1. After you shampoo your hair, never comb wet hair as this can cause hair breakage. Use a towel to absorb the hair moisture and let the hair dry.
2. Use a comb with wide teeth to comb the hair and do not comb back as it can cause damage to your hair.
3. If your scalp is oily, use one spoon of vinegar in a glass of water while finally rinsing the hairs. Also, you can apply a good conditioner at the end.
4. The one most important hair care concern is the use of right type of comb and right method for combing the long hair. Use a brush that has gentle and soft teeth, and has a good and comfortable handle. Start combing from the ends to the roots with gentle hands.
5. To protect your scalp from getting dandruff and dryness, you must massage regularly. Use your fingers in rotation for the massage and move the scalp not the fingers. This massage will help to improve blood circulation and will also increase the elasticity of the hair.
6. If you have split ends then it means your hair needs more nutrition. Avoid using metal catchers or rubber bands to hold your hair as these can cause damage to the long hairs. Use good conditioner to avoid or treat the split ends and avoid using metal rollers.