Caring for Your Acrylic Nails

Nails are not only a symbol of beauty in a woman; they also indicate her general health. When a woman’s nail chip easily, it just means that she is on a faulty diet.

If you select the acrylic with caution and use them with proper adhesions, which don’t harm your natural nails and the skin, you can certainly use acrylic nails. Care is the word, which you should exercise throughout. Here are some guidelines to apply acrylic nails in the comfort of your home.


Before applying acrylic nails clean and buff your nails, using the following simple methods:

First of all, file natural nails  to very short sizes, pushing cuticles back, for which you have to soak them in warm water for a couple of minutes. Get rid of earlier polish or acrylic traces, using a polish remover without acetone content. It is important that the nails are absolutely clean before applying acrylic nails. Use filing white block and buff the nail to make it a little rough, but not too rough.


Dip the application brush in the acrylic fluid, then on the acrylic white powder and form a ball of the powder trailing it.  Now apply this ball on to the middle of your nail carefully, without touching the cuticles as chemicals can destroy the nail.  For remaining nails also, repeat the process, carefully ensuring that you do not touch the cuticle region.


When you are done with the application, end by giving finishes touches:
Usually it takes ten minutes for setting and drying of the acrylic fixing chemical. This means, even as you complete all the fingers in the hands, you can go back to the first nail to give it a finishing touch. Using a nail file, remove the bumps and try to shape the nails to appear natural. You can use a white buff-block to smooth nails.

Complete the job with application of cuticle oil and once again use a 3-way buffer on nails to get a shining glow.

After Care:

Don’t forget to apply cuticle oils daily to the acrylics to help them keep flexible and supple. It can also prevent chipping or cracking.