Caring Tips For Oily Skin

oily-skin-careMy friend often complains that she has to wash her face frequently to look fresh. This is a common complaint we hear from those who have oily skin. The glands that produce oil are overactive, and the result is oily, shiny skin. The excess oil can cause several skin problems, such as acne and blackheads. But what is worse is that this type of skin attracts dirt like a magnet.

The oil producing glands are known as sebum. They are located in the second layer of the skin. Even though the skin needs its natural moisture and needs to be well hydrated, excess oil is harmful. The excess oil makes the face skin look shiny and unhealthy.

The best way to take care of oily skin and keep your skin oil free is to keep it clean. But you have to be extra careful and clean oily skin gently. If you use a harsh face wash then the body will produce more oil to meet the loss.

Some believe that the more you wash oily skin, the better. That is not true. Wash your face three times a day with a mild face wash. But you can splash water on the face once in a while. But make sure you do not over wash.

Soap is a big NO when it comes to cleansing. Soaps are harsh and will wash away the natural moisture of your skin, leaving it dry and rough for the time being.

Use a clay mask once a week and no more than that. This mask will give you a deep cleanse and remove the dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Skin becomes dry after washing. Use a moisturizer that is free of any natural oil and cocoa butter. It is better to go for a water-based moisturizer that will moisturize your skin and not make it oily.

For a temporary result, you can use toners and astringents. They are very helpful. Apply either toner or astringent before you apply makeup.

Last but not the least; choose your makeup very carefully. Use the ones that are oil free. Loose powers can be used through out the day that will give your skin a mat look. Other than that, before applying makeup, apply some cucumber juice on the areas that are oilier, then put the makeup. You are all set.