5 Cat Eye Makeup Tips

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup was once at the peak of fashion, and is now making its come-back in a big way. Making up your eyes in this fashion adds to their appeal, and can make you look, mysterious, seductive and glamorous.

Cat Eye Makeup

While everyone would want to master the art of applying cat eye makeup, getting the feline look requires skill and the right techniques. A wrong step could lead to disastrous results, and make you look like you had just stepped out from a prize fighting ring. Furthermore, going about it the right way will help you not just look great, but also feel great.

The Following Steps Will Help You Get This Look The Right Way, With Professional Skill.

Step 1

Use the tweezers to remove any eyebrow hairs that might stray in the way when you are working on your eye makeup. Once this is done, use concealer or foundation to minimize the presence of dark circles around your eyes.


Step 2

Start on your eyes with the eyeliner. Hold the outer end of your eyelid taut and with a steady hand, work your way from the inner eye towards the outer end of the eyelid. End the line in a sweeping stroke, and use the eyeliner to thicken the line that you have just drawn. If you have shaky hands or if you are not confident, apply a few light dots with the eyeliner and then fill them in, smoothing out the dots as you go.


Step 3

Use eye shadow so that it starts just above the eyeliner and extend it on until the bone of your brow. Use a tissue to eye shadow brush to blend the edges.

eye shadow

Step 4

Work on your eyelashes. Curl them with eyelash curlers so that there is more definition added to your eyes. Allowing a few seconds for it to dry in between, apply three coats of mascara and then comb out your eyelashes so that there is no clumping due to the mascara.


Step 5

Add the final touch by enhancing your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and be sure to remove any smudges with judicious use of eye makeup remover. This will cause your eyes to stand out more, and will add to your feline look.