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Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Fungus Treatment – Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Yellow nails may be result of heavy smoking and wearing nail polishes often. But it may also be due to a fungus problem or has something to do with your overall health like Psoriasis or diabetes.

improve nails

Improve your Nails

Nail care is essential as it reflects your personality type. It tells how much conscious you are about yourself and how much you care of

face washing

Awesome Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Teenage can be called as the ‘threshold’ from childhood to youth, it is the most pleasant and cheerful stage of life as they discover…

Prevent Brittle Nails

Prevent the Breakage of Nails

There are so many ways that we expose our nails to harsh conditions. We wash dishes and expose them to chemicals. We grip

Nail Care Tips

Our hands are one such part of our body that must be kept clean at all the times no matter what you are doing.

Easy Steps To Do Nail Art

Easy Steps To Do Nail Art

You will notice that women just love their nails especially teenagers. You can spice up your look by doing a nail art. Nail art…

victorian beauty treatment

Victorian Style Beauty Treatments

Unlike women of the earlier ages, women in the Victorian era emphasized more on the use of natural elements than toxic industrial products. Health…

scrub in hands

How To Do Home Manicure In Simple Ways

Detergents, chemical, garden dirt, harsh cleaning, this is what our hands are mostly exposed to throughout the day. Being the most delicate and important…

The Right Way To Apply Nail Polish

The Right Way To Apply Nail Polish

Nail polish gives your hands a very glamorous look. So it is essential to apply nail polish correctly. The first thing you should do before applying nail polish is remove.


6 Tips For Manicure At Home

Doing a manicure at home once a week goes a long way to keep the hands clean and looking good. Your hands can get luxury treatment at home.

Great looking hands

People make effort to look good by good clothes, attending to their hair and complexion. They make efforts to protect them selves from the sun

Pick Your Favorite Design

Easy Stamping Nail Art At Home

Are you bored of painting your nails with a simple nail polish? Do you fancy those pretty and tempting nail designs that you often…

types of face lifts

Types Of Face Lifts

Facelift is a type of cosmetic surgery, which is done to tighten the muscles of the face. Facelift is also used to give a…

Fake Nails

An Introduction to Fake Nails

Fashion is one area which keeps changing. What was not a fashion yesterday could be a fashion today. Earlier, women applied polish to

How To Make Natural Fingernail Polish

How To Make Natural Fingernail Polish

When natural products are becoming the craze, you should also choose a natural nail polish. Since women love colors, we consider ourselves incomplete without…

Short nails with rounded edges

Different Nail Shapes

Women have started keeping long nails since the turn of the 20th century, and they were initiated as a trend by the celebrities. In…

Nail Care

Nails are dead tissue. They grow from a matrix of living flesh. It takes six months for a complete nail to grow. Remove nail enamel from the nail. Leave no trace.

nail care

Easy Nail Care Tips

It is true that while many women are extremely concerned about their figures and faces, they ignore their nails. A popular excuse for ignoring…

Nail Care

Nails are designed to give us manoeuvrability with small items, as well as to protect the tender flesh of the fingertip. Growing out from the nail bed, which has a living.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish Tips: Helping It Stay Longer

Applying nail polish can be really tacky. It requires great amount of hand control in order to get desired results, but when you do achieve it, it’s all worth the trouble.