Laser Removal Of Hair At Home

There are some techniques for hair removal, which have evolved over the years from the ancient methods, which were very difficult.

Lighten Unwanted Hair

3 Ways To Lighten Unwanted Hair

Some people have abnormally dark hair growth, which not only looks unhygienic, but also lowers their self-esteem. One of the major causes behind dark…

Face Packs

4 Homemade Face Packs

Thanks to the beauty industry, there are thousands of skin care products out there in the market. But for the best results, people

Beauty Tips To Keep Healthy

You might have seen women with nice taut faces, whereas the skin below the neck area is not so taut and yelling of age. Your face is not alone in showing that you are aging. Your

7 Tips To Stop Facial Hair Growth

7 Tips To Stop Facial Hair Growth

Facial hair growth can be embarrassing for women, more than men. However, there are methods to restrict and even completely stop the hair growth…

Dark Circles

Tips To Avoid Dark Circles

A lot of people confront themselves with the problem of dark circles under the eyes. These circles make people look lethargic or ill.

Post Laser Skin Care

Care of skin post a sitting of laser hair reduction is very important. Here are some important points to follow. Avoid excessive and


3 Tips To Get Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows play an important role in defining the facial features of an individual. A well-defined eyebrow can change a person’s entire look. They not…

How To Enjoy Spa At Home

How To Enjoy Spa At Home

The pressure and stress that comes with having a job tends to take over our lives, especially if you are a working mother and…

Risks Of Laser Hair Treatment

Risks Of Laser Hair Treatment

When you get sick and tired of regular waxing and shaving, laser hair treatment comes as a great resort for you.  Having a history…

Skin Care

3 Best Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care products, we only want the best. There are so many choices, and we need to make a good choice from all that. Now the question is what to buy? When

Black Soap

6 Benefits Of Black Soap

Black soap, also known as African black soap, is actually made from plantain skin extract. The origins of this soap can be traced to…

Facial Scrubs

Top 10 Facial Scrubs And Exfoliators

There are certain cosmetic products that are common to all women. Facial scrubs and exfoliators belong to that category. The main aim of both the products…