Tips for Eye Brow Plucking

What is the most complicated part of looking attractive? Is it wearing the right makeup, having the right skin or wearing the right cloths?

Hair Removal Creams

Hair Removal Creams

Remove unwanted hair will be an easy job with these three details you need to know in choosing a hair removal cream product.

laser hair removal2

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

An effective way to remove unwanted hair is by the laser hair removal process. This is quick and gentle and ensures that the hair is gone for good.

How To Look And Feel Beautiful

How To Look And Feel Beautiful

Have you ever noticed a new born baby? If you have, then you must have noticed that all the new born babies are bestowed…

Facial Hair

3 Facial Hair Removal Methods

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of facial hair treatments. Some women try shaving, but they worry that it can lead to thicker hair.

Hair Dyes

4 Tips To Make Natural Hair Dyes

A large number of people today want to augment their appearance by changing their hair color, or introducing vibrant highlights in their hair. However,…


Floral Bath Preparations at Home

Floral baths are said to enhance the beauty of a person. They help tone the skin and the fragrances are supposed to open the pores

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

Nothing can be more disgusting than to see women with unwanted hair, especially in their underarms. In the first place, they should not

Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Fungus Treatment – Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Yellow nails may be result of heavy smoking and wearing nail polishes often. But it may also be due to a fungus problem or has something to do with your overall health like Psoriasis or diabetes.

Face Packs

4 Homemade Face Packs

Thanks to the beauty industry, there are thousands of skin care products out there in the market. But for the best results, people

Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Well shaped eyebrows not only enhance your appearance but also help you look younger.  Well groomed eyebrow is one of the most important beauty…

Lip Care

Lip Care For A Gorgeous You

Lips are the most sensuous part of a woman. They ought to be soft, natural red and supple. These are many signs of healthy lips

Removal Of Hair Nads

Removal Of Hair Nads

Hair is made up of keratin which is a protein also found in finger and toe nails. There are two types of hair: Vellus hair which is short, soft, and fine and is generally seen on chest, back, and face.