6 Kegal Exercise For Women

6 Easy Kegel Exercises For Women

Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor muscle training, are effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, especially the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle in women, which become…

belly fat

Reason Behind Belly Fat

Every one of us would like to get rid of those tiers called as ‘belly fat’. These days having a flat belly is latest craze among many

abs Workout

7 Fantastic Abs Workout For Women

Women generally obsess over their midsections the most, probably because that’s where they have a tendency to gain most of their fat and probably…

Fat Burning Exercises

Best Fat Burning Exercises

Exercising is one of the best ways in which you can keep the body fit and active as well as in proper functioning. Regular…

fitness regime for working women

Fitness Tips For Working Women

Obesity and poor fitness is the major problem that is seen in most working women today. Women who work generally have no time to…


Easy Workout Routine For Women

Women seldom give time and attention to themselves. This has resulted in a poor quality of life – mentally and physically. A simple key…

Sedentary Lifestyle

5 Reasons For Weight Gain

Gaining of weight owing to unhealthy diet choices is a no-brainer. But how does one explain having a healthy lifestyle and yet piling on…

Four Workout Exercises For Women

Four Workout Exercises For Women

Workout can be defined as any rigorous exercise requiring physical effort. It is performed especially to maintain your health and fitness or to improve…

Easy Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Easy Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight always seems a herculean task because it entails a lot of hard work and a strong will power to say ‘no’ to…

Crunch Twists

Best Fat Loss Workout Plan

The excess fats deposited on our body are definitely the turn offs. Attaining a beach body is difficult for many, but at least some…

Exercises For Women

9 Best Chest Exercises For Women

Most health conscious people seem to believe in a common notion that having a slim body is healthy. Exercising each part of the body…

Beautiful Legs

5 Tips To Have Beautiful Legs

All of us envy models with long, beautiful legs that seem endless in shorts or skirts. Below are some tips to get beautiful legs.