Herringbone Designs

5 Unique And Funky Nail Designs

We live in an era where fashion and style have no boundaries. One’s imagination and creativity can create unimaginable possibilities defining one’s own personality….

Handbags For Women

Top 7 Funky Handbags For Women

A hand bag is a very interesting accessory. A different type available with regard to every outfit, a hand bag is also a very…

How To Care For Leather Bags

How To Care For Leather Bags

Leather bags are one of the most precious possessions of women. If you’ve got a branded stylish leather bag, then it’s just simple fact…

garnet jewelry care

Beauty Of Garnet Jewelry

Garnets, available all over the world, are semi-precious gemstones that have been used for jewelry making for more than 5,000 years.  Garnet is mined…

fashion guide for short women

Fashion Guide For Short Women

Looking taller or shorter is an art which is in the hand of the person itself. You can master this art if you follow…

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Generally people are ignorant when it comes to fashion accessories which can do wonders to their best outfit. People with the most fashion experience and knowledge

Classy Bonnet

Five Best Hats For Round Faces

One of the best accessories to done in order to make a fashion statement is hats. Much like scarves, if the hat is correctly…


10 Coolest Women Handbags

Accessorizing the outfit is one of the most important factors to be the fashion symbol when you step out of the house. And what…

Classic Cross Body Handbag

5 Stylish Chic Handbags

Ask any woman what tops her personal list of a satisfying purchase. In all probability she will reveal that it is a handbag. Women…

3 Stylish Leather Jackets For Women

3 Stylish Leather Jackets For Women

Leather jackets are the perfect mélange of style, expediency and comfort. Leather jackets come in a range of styles and can be constructed from…

How To Look Taller

How To Look Taller

Height always is a preferable asset, whether it’s for a man or woman isn’t it? Some may say that height of a person is…

Different Types Of Ballerina Costumes

Favorite Costumes Of Ballerinas

Ballet has long been one of the most graceful dance forms in the world. It requires immense skill and incredible balance to perform. The…

Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

Fashion is something that is prone to change from time to time. Every year you have new trendsetters for all the fashion addicts. From clothes…

Top 4 Straw Handbags

Top 4 Straw Handbags

The latest fashion and style trends in the market state that anything that is designed, new, purposeful and flirty gains great attention from people…

Top Spring Dresses For Women

Top Spring Dresses For Women

Spring is one of the most beautiful and awaited seasons. A pleasant weather, greenery and colourful flowers make everything look absolutely magnificent. In short,…

Jacket Lapels

Top 3 Types Of Dinner Jacket Lapels

Dinner jackets are mainly worn in formal events, and also in semi-formal events. Dinner jackets have been used for centuries, and many types of…

Match Your Accessories

The match of women and cosmetic is heaven made. It is the best duo found. Why? This is because of a simple fact, cosmetics make the women look