How To Recognize Real Prada

How To Recognize Real Prada

It is needless to introduce Prada as one of the most celebrated brand of fashion world. But still for the uninitiated, it is an…

Types Of Stylish Safari Hats

Types Of Stylish Safari Hats

You are going on a vacation and you are done with all the essentials on the shopping list, but hey, have you taken your…

Plus Size Clothing

Plus Size Clothing

A plus size woman normally has difficulty while buying clothes for herself as modern fashion is for slim body shapes.

Glamorous Black Shoes With Heels

Glamorous Black Shoes With Heels

Just like every woman should have an ‘LBD’ or Little Black Dress in her wardrobe, she should also have a pair of versatile and…

Designer Handbags For Women

Five Designer Handbags For Women

A woman of taste always looks for an accessory that can be a statement of her sophistication. An accessory that is understated, chic and…

Hair Accessories

7 Best Hair Accessories

Gone are the days when accessories comprised of just jewellery and scarves. Gone are the days when you could not accessorize your hair on your…

Get Pretty Headbands For Hair

Get Pretty Headbands For Hair

Headbands are one of the prettiest hair accessory in a girl’s vanity. They look good on almost any kind or color of hair. Headbands…

Titanium Accessories for Men

With summer approaching you will have to buy some new clothes for yourself so you can go out in style. After all, the ladies are going to do just that. You also need

Scarf: The Perfect Fashion Accessory

The simplest clothing can be given that boost of style by the accessories that are worn with them. A big buckle and broad belt can make the most ordinary pair of jeans look.


Choosing A Hairstyle That Complements Glasses

After painstaking measures and trial and error, your hair cut is just right to go with the shape of your face. One day you wake up only to find out that you now need to wear glasses. All of a sudden,

winter shoes for women

6 Must Have Shoes For Winter

Winter is on us and you are all bundled up, moping about the lack of footwear choices. Rejoice, for the cold should be no…

smart bra

A Smart Bra for Women!

Bra is an essential wear for women and most of women are confused when selecting bras. Smart bra elevates a women’s bust and

Minimizer Bras

4 Dangers Of Minimizer Bras

There was a time when curvy, voluptuous women were considered to be very attractive and sexy. But time has definitely changed this theory. Today…

Diamond Jewelry

How To Clean Diamond Jewelry

It is true that diamond jewelry is forever but diamond tends to lose its shine and sparkle over the years. You can get back this shine and sparkle by doing a little effort at home only.