Black Dresses For women

Black Dresses For Women

Black is undoubtedly the most sensual colour for a woman. From a farewell party to a funeral, whatever the occasion might be, black always works…

Jewelry For Men

Jewelry For Men

It is not often that you see men wearing jewelry but when you do, it is usually something that stands out above everything. Most…

Basics For Western Wear For Women

Basics For Western Wear For Women

Once you have the knowledge about the basics of western wear, you can easily plan your wardrobe accordingly. In earlier times, the western wear totally depended upon…

Water Push-Up Bra

Types Of Water Push-Up Bra

When you go to buy brassiere, you should first decide, whether what type of bra you need. If you have large breasts, then a…

Top 4 Stylish Hats For Women

Top 4 Stylish Hats For Women

Hats have been a fashion accessory for women for many decades. A stylish and beautiful hat adds to your personality. So, if you think…

leather jacket

Top 5 Spring Jackets For Women

Spring can be described as most the cheerful and beautiful season when nature embellishes itself by many colorful flowers, delicious fruits, azure blue sky…

Biker Jackets

Five Jackets For Women

A jacket is an outer garment extending either up to the waist or hips of a woman. They usually have sleeves and can be…

Top Spring Dresses For Women

Top Spring Dresses For Women

Spring is one of the most beautiful and awaited seasons. A pleasant weather, greenery and colourful flowers make everything look absolutely magnificent. In short,…


3 Tips To Wear A Tuxedo For Women

Tired of wearing that little black dress or black gown or a saree for every formal occasion? Here’s the alternative  a tuxedo. A tuxedo is…

Popular and feminine – Floral Print Dress

Retro Dresses Style For Women

Every time we hear the word ‘retro’, it reminds us of the times when polka dots and floral prints were much in demand. Of…

Designer Handbags For Women

Five Designer Handbags For Women

A woman of taste always looks for an accessory that can be a statement of her sophistication. An accessory that is understated, chic and…

Thigh High Boots For Women

Thigh High Boots For Women

The thigh high boots for women are a rage these days. And rightly so because they do look great on women and can make any woman look sensuous and sexy. You might have

Herringbone Designs

5 Unique And Funky Nail Designs

We live in an era where fashion and style have no boundaries. One’s imagination and creativity can create unimaginable possibilities defining one’s own personality….

Types Of Scarves For Women

6 Types Of Scarves For Women

Where accessories for women are concerned, scarves play a significant role in today’s fashion world. Not only are they one of the cheapest ways to look…

Types Of Hair Scarfs

Types Of Hair Scarfs

When it comes to ‘Hair or head scarf’, the first thought that comes to our minds is what a hat scarf is generally used…

find out new fashion

How To Find New Fashions

Looking fashionable is what every teenage boy and girl aim. The tough competition to win the “most fashionable” tag in school and college is…

satin low back dress

Dresses To Wear To A Party

There would be rarely any girl who does not spend lot of time in thinking about what kind of dress she would wear to…

Mens wedding bands

Mens Wedding Bands

The wedding band is the one ring that a man will wear for the rest of his life. It symbolizes his love for the womon he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Choosing the wedding band

fashion trend

Top Five Fashion Trends This Fall

It’s time to pack away your flip-flops, floral blouses and shorts. With the fall around the corner, it’s time to pull out your leg…