Hair Styles

side swept curly hair

5 Medium Length Curly Styles

One common perception of curly hair is that it is very difficult to manage, especially in the case of women. Although this may not…

hair care routine

Your Hair Care Routine – Tips

In today’s fast pace life, we hardly have time to take care of ourselves. And most of the times it is our hair and skin that has to

Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Top 5 Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2012

Thin hair is considered as one of the hair issues that a lot of women face all over the world. Thin hair generally reflects lack of volume…

Hair Treatment

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

The first reaction of the women suffering from dry, damaged hair and other hair problems is to opt for expensive shampoos and

How To Get Blonder Hair

Do you want a new look for yourself? Forget about wearing more makeup or buying new clothes. How about changing your hair color? Maybe go a little blonder?

Hair Style

4 Best Hair Style Ideas For Girls

Girls in their teens are prone to experiment and try out new styles. Whether it is grooming, cosmetics, dresses or makeup, not to talk

110 Best Hair Straighteners

10 Best Hair Straighteners

Where hair treatments and styling is concerned, hair straightening has always taken the front seat. However, it might not be considered the perfect option as it leads…

Silky Bangs And Asymmetrical Bob

5 Best Medium Haircuts For Women

Medium haircuts can always be great fun to sport. They are easy on maintenance and high on style. Most women opt for medium length…

Get Hassle Free Summer Hair

The elements can be harsh to our hair. Trying to fight the frizz and not lose our color. We fight this every summer and even during the rainy season. There are ways to fight

tips to add shine to hair

How To Add Shine To Your Hair

Dull and lifeless hair is not liked by anyone. Each one of us wants our hair to shine and glow with health. But very…

Coloring Hair

Coloring Your Hair

It is very important to choose a hair color that suits you best. Your complexion, skin tone, and the color of your eyes are some of the factors.

Home Remedies For Silky Hair

5 Best Home Remedies For Silky Hair

Silky hair has the potential to improve your overall beauty. Hence, almost all women crave for soft and silky hair. Apart from the availability…

How hair ages

If you have noticed it, you will know that your hair is different now than it was when you were a child or in your teens. Just like your body, your hair goes through different


Easy Hair Color Highlights

When color can add a zing to your hair, why not bring a little bit of life and bounce to the hair by going for hair highlights