Hair Styles

Slide Cutting

The Slide Cutting Trend

A good hairstylist is always learning new techniques to better their personal business. Even if there is not a new cutting trend.

Foods For Healthy Hair

Top 7 Foods For Healthy Hair

Many of the commercial advertisements claim that specially-formulated shampoos, conditioners, serums, creams, gels etc. can give you healthy and long hair. But the truth…

mohawk hair

Baby’s Funny Hairstyles

Out of all the different joys and happiness of bringing up a child, the best of the lot would be dressing them up. From…

5 hair colors that make you look younger

5 Colors That Make You Look Younger

Women are very keenly interested in looking younger than their actual age. Apart from eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping stress at bay,…

Itchy scalp

Treat Scalp Itchiness

Scalp itchiness can be a cause of embarrassment as it can strike you anytime forcing you to scratch your scalp at public places. People

Long Hair

Tips To Have Long Hair

To have silky and shiny long hair is a dream of every woman and to get that is a real tough job. One can try harder and harder but still

How To Untwist Dreads

How To Untwist Dreads

Dreadlocks do not require much maintenance and are a popular style adorned by people of African origin. Untwisting dreadlocks can be a challenging task…

Color Your Hair

Good Tips For Coloring Your Hair

Coloring your hair is a delicate operation that should be done only after ascertaining that the color is right for you. Any error could only

Style Your Ponytail

How to Style Your Ponytail

The ponytail is considered to be one of the most popular hairdos. It is practical, it is easy and it can be rendered stylish with just a

Hairstyles For Wide Faces

Hairstyles basically describe the person and it should depend on their personality, along with the shape of the face and other aspects that come…

Shoulder-Length (Layered Messy Hairstyle)

Layered Messy Hairstyles For Women

‘Mess’ is the trend in today’s world. Gone are those days when men drooled over women’s demure and shy looks. Layers have been a…

Bob With Long Side Swept Bangs

5 Different Bob Haircut Styles

Bob hairstyles never go out of sheen. They are the favorites of not just the young but old too. The variety and the versatility…

hair care routine

Your Hair Care Routine – Tips

In today’s fast pace life, we hardly have time to take care of ourselves. And most of the times it is our hair and skin that has to

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

It is futile to cry and lament when your hair has become impoverished and started falling off. The amount of labor and patience you have…

Short Hair Style

With today’s fast paced attitudes and on the go rituals, women are seeking out hairstyles that are easy to work with, fast to be


6 Best Party Hairstyles

Gone are the days when to get the perfect hairstyle, a salon trip was compulsory right before a party. Now you can style your…

Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil

Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil

The wondrous olive oil is a one stop hair care solution for vitalized, strong and shiny hair. Found in the Mediterranean region, these yellow-…

Short Straight Shaggy Haircut

Top 5 Shaggy Haircuts For Women

Out of all the different haircuts and hairstyles that are available today, Shaggy Haircuts for Women is the most unique. Known for its edgy…

Angled Crop

Crop Haircuts For Women

They say only brave enough go for a crop. To some extent this may be true. It really takes a lot of guts for…