Hair Styles

sleek and straight

Attractive Shoulder Length Haircuts

Neither too short nor too long, shoulder-length haircuts have always been a favourite amongst women of all ages. Easy on maintenance, high on style;…

Hair Treatment

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

The first reaction of the women suffering from dry, damaged hair and other hair problems is to opt for expensive shampoos and

lighten your hair

2 Home Remedies To Lighten Your Hair

You no longer have to stick to your natural hair colour. You can experiment and try out all kinds of new hairstyles, colours and highlights. Just about everybody is into highlighting

Ponytail Hairstyles

Top 8 Ponytail Hairstyles

Tired of leaving your hair open or keeping it tied in the same old boring ponytail? Try any one of the following hairstyles to…

6 Best Tips To Care For Relaxed Hair

6 Best Tips To Care For Relaxed Hair

Sporting straight, sleek hair is the current rage among younger women. Lanthionization or hair relaxing is the process of straightening curly or crinkly hair…

Hair Styling

Hair Styling: Soft Setting

If you want to style or curl your hair, you will need rollers. However, they can be harsh to your hair on occasion. Out of all different types of rollers that are available, fabric rollers are the least harsh on hair.

restore hair shine

How To Restore Hair Shine

The color, texture and style of an individual’s hair play an important role in depicting a person’s personality. Hair shine can not only compliment…

grow hair better

How To Handle Hair Problems

We have more than 100,000 hairs on our head and each hair has three layers. Cuticle is the outermost layer and the main function…

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

It is futile to cry and lament when your hair has become impoverished and started falling off. The amount of labor and patience you have…


Top 5 Wavy Perm Hairstyles

If you are one of those who are always looking for an opportunity to add texture and volume to their hair, then here is…

Hair Style

4 Best Hair Style Ideas For Girls

Girls in their teens are prone to experiment and try out new styles. Whether it is grooming, cosmetics, dresses or makeup, not to talk

3 Egg Yolk Treatment For Hair

3 Egg Yolk Treatment For Hair

Initially, eggs were considered a healthy and nutritious food. Therefore, it was essential food stuff present in the kitchen and was used in cooking…

Hair Updos For Proms

The critical juncture in the life of any girl is her prom event. A lot of girls spend hundreds of dollars to obtain the…

110 Best Hair Straighteners

10 Best Hair Straighteners

Where hair treatments and styling is concerned, hair straightening has always taken the front seat. However, it might not be considered the perfect option as it leads…

braided bun tops

Braided Prom Hairstyles

All set for prom night but unsure of how to style your hair? Well there are many special “princess” hairstyles that would enhance your…