Causes And Remedies Of Dark Under-Eye Circles

Under Eye Circles

under eye dark circles causesDark under-eye circles’ is the most frequent skin problem. The skin around the eyes is very fragile and sensitive to the unfavorable conditions. This problem is usually not seen among children.

Adults above 40 are very prone to dark circles. Nowadays, young generation also have to face this trouble to a large extent. Basically, in young age the skin is supposed to be fresh and pleasant. No doubt young girls and boys also love to have beautiful skin without any marks and dark under-eye circles, but they fail to do so.

This is because people do not have control over changing lifestyle and eating habits. There are multiple factors that cause the under-eye circles. Here are the causes and treatments for dark circles.

Contributing Factors in Development of Dark Circles:

There are various causes that give rise to the problem of dark circles. These causes include exposure to extreme temperatures, heredity, allergies and many more.

Extreme exposure of skin to the ultraviolet rays of sun is not basically a very dangerous or commonly observed reason to produce dark circles, but it can be one of the reasons.

Heredity is the fundamental reason for dark circles.If you look at the history of under-eye dark circles in your family you will also have to face the same. If heredity becomes the reason of this skin trouble, the chances of its complete cure are extremely less. But you can definitely bring it to minimum by following appropriate treatments.

Improper sleep results in irregular blood circulation among the skin cells and finally under-eye circles are developed. Dark circles can be formed due to some allergies. Its causes are internal rather than external. If there are some problems with your internal body organs, it gets reflected on your face and under-eyes.

Alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, regular intake of spicy food are very common causes that make the skin around eyes pale, aged and dark. Chronic sinus problem can be one of the issues for under-eye darkness.

Most people have the habit of rubbing their eyes. This can break the fragile capillaries underneath the skin layer which results in causing puffiness as well as discoloration.

How To Treat Under-Eye Dark Circles:

under eye dark circles remedies

Under-eye circles can be reduced by following sound treatments. If this problem is observed for long, it is the time to concern a skin specialist. If you start treating the problem in very early stages or within the period of 2-3 years after the signs are noticed, the problem is under your control.

To prevent the skin discoloration, you have to take healthy diet. Include green vegetables like spinach, salary, cabbage in your daily diet. Fruits like apples, oranges, papaya help a lot in providing sugar, water and minerals necessary for healthy body. Make sure that your regular meal is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Drink 8-12 glasses of water every day. Reduce the intake of salt to protect tiny skin layer around eyes.

You need to have sound sleep between 6 and 10 hours as per the demand of your body. Never get over-stressed and keep your mental health strong. Appropriate sleep and sound mental condition are the necessary factors to maintain beauty of your eyes.

Besides the above internal treatments, there are several external treatments. To minimize the dark circles formed under eyes, take slices of cucumber, close your eyes and keep the slices on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. This is best used remedy ever.

Move an ice cube covered in a cloth on the affected area everyday; for 5-10 minutes after waking up. You can keep wet cloth on your eyes for a while after lying on bed at night.

Darkness is produced around eyes due to the deficiency of vitamin K. To manipulate this problem, you can use some cosmetics with doctor’s advice. While using them, make sure that they do not bring about any allergic reactions to your skin.

To reduce puffiness, apply grated or peeled potato to the skin under eyes. A mixture of a teaspoon of tomato juice and half a teaspoon of lime juice is also used as an efficient remedy for this. After waking up, wash your face and apply this mixture around eyes. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash thoroughly.

Almond oil massage is an excellent option to rejuvenate the pale under-eye area. The application of a mixture of milk and honey can be used for the same. You can simply use milk or cream to treat the affected area.

Use the cooled tea bags to place on your eyes. The tannin and caffeine present in tea is released on your eyes which naturally soothes the swelling and weakness around eyes. These tea bags include any of the four; chamomile tea, white tea, black tea and green tea.

A frozen spoon benefits to reduce puffiness around eyes by providing fine cooling effect. Place frozen tea bags or frozen spoons on your eyes for 15 minutes and relax. Take cotton balls, deep them in a rose water and cover your eyes with them for a short time. This can be done whenever you get free time. After removing the cotton balls, you can feel the freshness.

If the above mentioned treatments become useless, you can go for laser treatment. Usually this treatment is not recommended for delicate under-eye skin. But, if suggested by a skin expert, it can work out without inconvenience. Finally, the most authentic remedy for any type of health or skin problem is yoga. If you do this on daily basis, you will rarely have to face any severe disease.

Thus, above mentioned are various methods to treat under-eye dark circles. Though you have many ways to deal with the issue, make this fact clear to yourself that complete removal of dark circles is hardly possible. You can definitely reduce this problem by providing right care. Nevertheless, you can impress others with beautiful eyes without dark circles. You can make this happen by skillfully putting on special make up around eyes.