Causes and Treatment for Age Spots

Researchers have found that Age Spots (also called Liver Spots) is a result of over exposure to sun. It is normally found on those parts of the body which are exposed to sun like the face and back of hands etc.


When the body is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun, it gradually produces Melanin. Melanin starts to accumulate in a particular spot of the skin. In a gradual manner, hyper pigmentation takes place in the area where Melanin has accumulated and the area, including the area surrounding it, turns black in color. This is called Age Spot (liver Spot).


Age Spots can be cured and the skin will return to its natural color. The first suggestion to prevent Age Spots is to avoid exposure to sun as far as possible. Apply sun cream at least half an hour before you venture out in the sun. Experts suggest that sun cream should be used during winter season also because even in winter season, people are exposed to sun rays, of course to a lesser degree.

Apart from this, wherever the Age Spots have formed, apply good quality whitening cream. These creams are available in medical stores. These are also available in stores where cosmetic products are sold.

Root of Nut Grass is extremely effective in curing Age Spots. The effectiveness of this natural product has been proved time and again, and more and more people are deriving benefit from this product. It has been proved that this wonder herbal product reduces Melanin accumulation in women by almost 40%and slowly returns skin color to normal. Apart from this, there are many other creams and gels with SPF. SPF is also known to be effective in preventing Age Spots. The whitening cream has to be applied regularly after washing the affected place with water.

Another cure for Age Spots is laser treatment. This treatment can only be given by a qualified doctor. In rare cases, it may require hospitalization for a brief period. At the same time, laser treatment has the possibility of causing some side effects. The person may be put on medication for some time. On top of it, cost is another factor to be considered.