3 Causes For Premature Hair Greying

Hair Greying

Premature greying is a common problem observed more often these days. It is seen in people as young as their late 20’s. There are several contributing factors. We discuss below some of the causes and solutions for this problem.

Hair Greying


Climate, heredity, and lifestyle factors could lead to greying of hair. Improper nutrition and lack of care could also result in premature greying. Greying occurs when pigment – melanocytes is absent in the strand.

Lifestyle Factors

Most people wash their hair everyday. Harsh chemicals and the resulting residue make the hair vulnerable to greying. This can be counteracted by using a mild shampoo and spacing the hair washes. Also, frequent hair treatments, coloring, perms, and straightening the hair can lead to greying since it leads to a constant stress on the hair.

Limit the use of blow dryers and other such tools for hair care, to avoid unnecessary stress to the hair and its roots. Another tip is to apply oil at least twice a week to the hair and massage the scalp to improve circulation and promote growth of healthy hair.

Lifestyle factors


It has been proved that stress and tension are the chief causes of premature greying. Any kind of prolonged tension can result in premature greying. It could be related to education, work, or family stress that could lead to premature greying.


Diet & Health factors

Improper diet can lead to premature greying, a diet lacking in Vitamin B12, zinc and copper contribute to grey hair. Certain people may be predisposed to greying because of existing health conditions, such as hyper thyroid.

Premature greying is largely preventable. The above-mentioned factors, being diet & lifestyle related are controllable. By cautiously avoiding stress and an improper diet, one can avoid going grey at a young age. However, it is recommended to consult a “trichologist” in the event that the problem is severe and does not respond to preventive steps taken.