Causes Of Itchy Red Skin

itchy red skinItchy skin is a skin ailment which may lead to embarrassment in public places as well. You may start scratching the area by default without any actual concern. It is a sensation which causes irresistible itching on the specific affected areas.

Itching can be accompanied by red patches, blisters or swelling. It may occur on normal looking skins as well. There may be many reasons behind this itchy red skin. Below, I would like to make you aware about the causes of itchy red skin.

Reasons Of Itchy Red Skin

Dry Skin

This is the most relevant reason for itchy skin. Dry skin may happen due to environmental changes and also due to lack of some essential nutrients in the body.

 Dry Skin

Dry skin may cause red rashes which tend to be very itchy and irritating. You can have a dry skin if you take bath many time, or you use air conditioner for long time etc. Thus, not letting the skin to get dry is a better option.

Internal Problems

Red itchy skin may be a result of some internal diseases. These may be related to problems of kidney, thyroid, anemia and different kinds of cancer. In these cases the skin becomes very itchy. The areas which are prone to repeated scratching becomes red and prone to infection. Other areas seem normal compared to the scratched areas.

Nerve Disorder

There are many diseases which occur due to nerve disorders. They also cause many kinds of subsidiary problems on the human body. Itching is one of them. Itching problem caused due to nerve issues affect the whole body rather than any specific body part.

Medicines / Drugs

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There are many kinds of medicines which can cause reactions in your body. Generally antibiotics, anti fungal and pain killers are blamed for these kinds of reactions. You may acquire itching due to the intake of the medicines belonging to these families.

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External Factor

Many external factors affect the body as well. Eczema, lice, chickenpox etc. make our skin itchy and also may lead to formation of red rashes. These red itchy areas are limited to some specific areas only. These external factors do not affect the whole body.


Not all of us are neutral to every thing present in our vicinity. There are many substances which are pretty unfriendly with some people. These substances cause discomfort to them and affect the skin as well. A few examples of these kinds of substances are cosmetics, body sprays etc. These may cause itching on the areas applied and sometimes may also lead to big red rashes. Some foods also cause itchiness in human body.


Some women may experience torturing itching problem during the pregnancy. This happens due to the changes occurring in the body. Abdominal itching is pretty much common among women when pregnant. Generally, itching due to pregnancy vanishes once the baby is born.


Thus, normal skin care is best suited during this phase. It is always better to dig out the cause behind any kind of physical ailment, so that a proper treatment can be started at the right time. Hope that the above article will be able to help you.