Causes Of Swollen Redness On Face & Body

swollen redness causes

swollen redness causesMost of the people suffer from different kinds of irritations within their lifetime and as a result of which different parts of their bodies get swollen with red patches. These types of irritations can happen due to various reasons; the most common one is when the body gets infested with microbial infection (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.)

This can even happen if the person suffers from any kind of allergy, like allergy from food, medicines, dirt, etc., or if gets burnt. Let us discuss briefly about the various causes of swollen redness of face and body:

Effects Of Microbial Infections On Adults:

Microbial infection is the main reason for the major diseases in our system. These diseases affect the layers of the skin and lead to redness and swellings in our faces and bodies. Some of the infections that generally harm the human beings are:

Hives can make the face and body red and swollen and even make the effects worse if the body is allergic to some other elements. Acne is a type of infection seen mostly in people in their puberty period, which can cause serious and painful red swellings, especially on the face, back and chest.

Eczema is another skin problem, which turns the skin into red and tender spots. It usually shows up on areas like Cheeks, elbow, knees, groin, etc. Psoriasis is another infection, which results in similar consequences in the scalp or joint regions and also on the tip of the nails. Both eczema and psoriasis have intense inching effects.

Rosacea is a type of disease, which turns the nose and its nearby areas into reddish inflammatory regions.

Shingles is a type of infection, which causes small red bumps all over the body, which generally hurt a lot.

Effects Of Infections On Children:

Some of the microbial infections, particularly, harm the children leading to red and swollen rashes on their bodies. Some of them are chicken pox, measles, Impetigo, roseola, Fifth disease, scarlet fever, etc.

Effects Of Allergies Due To Contact With Various Objects:

You may suffer from various kinds of contact allergies known as Dermatitis. These infections spread from various objects like poisonous plants (oak, sumac, ivy, etc.), Chemicals as in (latex, rubber items, bleaches, dyes, clothes, etc.) and other products (soaps, cosmetics, shoes, etc). These areas which come in contact with the objects swell badly and become red. They even hurt a lot.

Effects Of Burning:

The skin can suffer from severe burning of steam, ultraviolet rays of the sun, extreme hot substances, etc.

You may be boiling something in a pan on the stove. If your hand or any part of the body touches the hot substance, it will burn your skin causing red blisters.
Excessive exposure to sun can even damage your skin in the similar manner.

Effects Of Allergies From Medicines, Food, And Insect Bites:

Sometimes consumption of medicines as well as food items can lead to allergic inflammations on the body. Various food items like mushrooms, strawberries, nuts, eggs, prawns, etc can be allergic. Your skin can experience similar burning redness and swellings if you get bitten by insects.