Cervical Cancer Diet Treatments

cervical cancerCervical cancer can be very disturbing. One’s mental health and well being is affected immensely. This type of cancer affects the sufferer very slowly. One sure cannot change what has happened when one contracts such a disease, but you can live the rest of your life healthily. It can help you a lot.

Many different treatments are carried out but then if you have contracted this deadly disease, you must start eating right. A healthy mind and body go a long way in curing completely. So here are best 6 tips on what to include in your cervical cancer diet.

Best Diet For Cervical Cancer

Folic Acids 

A lot many times, it was found that deficiency of folic acids lead to cervical cancer in women. Citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, turnips, bran and whole grains are some of the foods that are to be rich in folic acid.

Fresh green vegetables

Make sure you include these in your diet as much as you can. Avocados, chickpeas, lentils, strawberries, certain fortified cereals and breads and few citrus fruits are also good sources of folic acids.

Green Tea 

Green Tea

Green tea is a great anti-oxidant and is also helps build a stronger immunity. It is extremely important that you drink green tea as much as you can if you are suffering from cervical cancer. Green tea’s ability to build stronger immunity can help you fight cervical cancer better.

Include Lots Of Vitamin A, C And E 

It is essential for a person suffering from cervical cancer to include vitamin A, C and E rich foods in their diet. These vitamins are all antioxidants and they help the body a lot in fighting off the damages that is done by free radicals.


Foods like carrots, oranges, eggs, tuna, almonds, peanuts, dried apricots, spinach, guavas, bell peppers, dark leafy vegetables are some foods rich in vitamin A, C and E. These can also help you fight side effects like hair fall.

Eat Raw Fruits And Vegetables 

It has been seen that eating raw vegetables and fruits juices and fruits have helped a lot in cervical cancer. When we cook food, we loose most of its important nutrients. Cervical cancer needs strength for the body to fight.


Raw veggies and fruits give you all the important nutrients in its best forms. Eat fresh salads, sprouts and fruits every day. Such diet does not just help cure cervical cancer but gives your body the required strength to overcome such diseases.

Aloe Vera Juice 

aloevera juice

Drinking aloe vera juice every day can be very useful for cervical cancer. Aloe vera contains high amino acids and other vitamins. Amino acids help our liver by preventing the formation of harmful toxins in our body. They restrict such developments in the body and help in treating cervical cancer.



Flavonoids are known as a great protection against any kind of cancer. Foods like apples, cabbage, garlic, cranberries, lettuce, onions, soy and broccoli are some of the foods that are rich source of flavonoids. These can be included in your daily diet either in form of cooked dishes, salads or juice.

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