Changes In Skin During Pregnancy

Changes In Skin During Pregnancy

Changes In Skin During Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of those stages in the life of a woman that they eagerly look forward to. Giving birth to a baby is one of the happiest feelings for a woman. The emotions of motherhood and that of a growing life inside her are overwhelming. However, along with happiness there are feelings of fear and unpredictability that grabs a woman.

This is solely because of the innumerable rapid changes that are occurring in her body. While talking about the various alterations that she has to go through, one of the main ones is the change in the skin. Not only there are changes in the skin but the problems of skin are at an all time high now.

Being aware about the bodily changes is definitely called for. But a woman should not ignore the changes in skin during the 9 months of pregnancy. Along with various preventions she can also be ready with the solutions if she has an idea about the same. Here in the pregnancy guide, we list down all the common skin issues that can occur during the entire phase of pregnancy. However, these are just the standards set up by researchers and it can differ from woman to woman.

Skin Alterations in Pregnancy

Dryness of the Skin

One of the most common skin problems that a lot of expecting women face during those 9th months is that of dryness and patchiness. The severity will however differ from person to person. The problem is more on the face as compared to the rest of the body. This also might lead to feelings of itchiness. The major cause for this condition is the imbalance in hormonal secretion that dries out the moisture and oil from the skin.

In many cases, dryness of the skin leads to stretch marks in the abdomen and hip areas. Do not adhere to any chemical based treatments which can harm the health of the baby too. Natural ways and products are best solutions along with healthy eating and plenty of water and liquids to keep the skin hydrated.

Acne and Break Outs

Other very prevalent skin change that you will suffer is the sudden breakouts and acne on the skin. Though these will completely fade away once you have delivered the baby, just in case you want to get good riddance during pregnancy itself then it is suggested to maintain a cleansing routine.

Changes In Skin During Pregnancy

Since the skin is too prone to pimples, make sure you completely avoid exfoliation. A mild scrub can be used from time to time for skin renewal.

Pigmentation Issues

Brown or black spots on the face or darker patches on the skin are some of the symptoms you will notice as the weeks of pregnancy pass by. Pigmentation is a sure shot skin change that 8 out of 10 women face when in their pregnancy stage. Moles may appear on the skin as well. The areola and the breast nipples also darken to a great extent where pigmentation is concerned.


Also known as the pregnancy mask, Chloasma is one change that you will definitely notice in the second trimester. In simple terms, they are brown or yellow patch on the skin especially the face. This blotchiness can be controlled somehow by reducing the exposure to sun rays. However, there is no complete treatment to the problem.

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The Glowing Factor

One of the positive aspects that you can expect from your pregnancy regarding the skin is the extra radiance it adds to your skin. This will surely help in enhancing your beauty.

Changes In Skin During Pregnancy

The increased and improved blood circulation is responsible for this factor. The blood flow to the skin helps in bringing the radiance on the face. A shine is also added to the skin because of the extra oil secreted by the glands.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks in the abdomen and the hip area is a mandatory change that occurs in all pregnant women where skin is concerned. The severity may, however, differ depending upon the elasticity and the health of the skin. Stretch marks are usually a result of increasing belly and abdomen.

Skin Rashes

Rashes on the skin are quite common in those 9 months which can be a result of increased functioning of sweat glands. Some red rashes might also be experienced on the belly in the later stages which are harmless but can cause discomfort for the mother to be.

Itching on the skin in the entire body is quite possible when you are pregnant. These are some of the skin transformations that you should be aware about.