Chicago Eyebrow Threading

Chicago Eyebrow Threading

If you are wanting to find a salon in Chicago that does eyebrow threading, you may need to do some research on the internet or check out your local yellow pages. Many people have heard of eyebrow threading but have no idea what it is.

This is actually the art of removing the hair from your eyebrows by using thin twist of cotton. They are rolled over the hairs that need to be removed. It is a method that actually replaces the need for waxing and plucking the brows.

There are benefits to this method such as it does not leave your skin feeling irritated or cause ingrown hairs such as plucking and waxing can cause. It pulls out a row of hair at a time instead of one by one. This method also seems to be preferred because it will leave you with a more natural look.

skin feeling irritated

Eyebrow threading is becoming more and more popular in the Western countries and is still used to this day in the Middle and Far East. One of the other benefits is it will prevent you from getting that awful uni brow that seems to plague so many of us. They say that this method is less painful than plucking and tweezing your brows.

Plucking and tweezing your brows

It is also fairly cheap to have done. The price is right. There are no chemicals used for this process so your skin is safe from harmful waxes and irritants. The results will last around 4 to 6 weeks.

Your eyebrow hair will also be thinner during the re-growth period. By having eyebrow threading, your eyebrows will have a more defined shape and look more natural than if you were to have them waxed. The average cost is around $10 to have them done.

eyebrow hair will also be thinner

If you are considering having your eyebrows threaded, do some research to find the nearest salon that can provide this type of treatment for you. It is still making its way around town so finding a salon may not be that easy. So be prepared to possibly do some traveling. You will find that in the end, it was worth the trip.

Considering having your eyebrows