Chin augmentation

chin-augmentationToday’s world is focussed a lot on physical beauty and beautiful features. To prove this fact, we have an entire industry based simply on making people look more beautiful or enhancing the beauty of people. Everybody yearns for a beautiful face and people can go to any extent to get one, if they are not naturally born with one.

Chin is a very important feature of the face. Your chin can make you look sharp and young or even saggy and old. A beautiful and proportionate chin can work wonders for enhancing the beauty of your face. However, if the chin is out of proportion, it can become the cause of detraction from your otherwise attractive face.

In some extreme cases, the jaw can be too large or even too small. This can affect dental occlusion. In such cases, you need to seek help from orthodontists and oral surgeons. This kind of dental occlusion is normal. However, it may not be very aesthetic because the chin can appear out of balance with the entire face. The chin can appear either recessed or too small.

A pointed chin was seen to be a sign of beauty and power amongst Egyptians in the ancient times, you can see that depicted in their pictures. However, sometimes, it can be too pointed to be considered beautiful in the present times. Sometimes the chin is too crooked or too short or too long. It might also protrude too much to look good.

Options available

The person may feel out of place and may even feel too shy in public and it can adversely affect his social life too.

The disproportionate chin can be corrected. Two options are available to correct this feature, if no dental malocclusion exists.

One is chin augmentation and the other is chin reduction. Power bone instruments are used to cause bone reduction in the chin reduction surgery.

Chin augmentation

A silicone implant is inserted under the skin so that the chin is reshaped. It involves surgery and these implants help to change the underlying structure of the chin. This makes the chin more proportional with the rest of the face and a proper balance is given to the face. Although it can be done alone, often it is accompanied by cheek implants or even with other cosmetic surgeries like nose surgery, facelift and/or liposuction of the face or neck.

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