Choose 5 Medium Length Hair Styles

Hair Styles

There are several medium length hairstyles available throughout the world. Choosing the one that suits one’s facial features or event can be a little bit difficult, but not impossible.

Hair Styles

No doubt, there are so many different hairstyles available for medium length that suit several facial features and shapes ranging from business to party look.

Attractive Medium Length Hair Styles

Bobbed Haircut

Bobbed cut is an evergreen favourite hairstyle among all women. Bobs or standard bobs with fringes or bangs can vary from ear to shoulder length. Medium length bobbed hairstyle is suitable for straight as well as straight wavy hair.

Many bobbed medium length hairstyles are popular with celebrities such as bob hairstyle with layers, with different lengths, and inverted bobs. Bobbed style is suitable for all types of hair such as from straight to curly, and thin to thick in density.


The Flip-Up Hairstyle

The flip-up hairstyle is quite common these days. It is the first choice of women with curly hair and who want to look fashionable and flirtatious. It can be an ideal choice for women with all face shapes.

The flip-up hairstyle has smooth and straight lines across the face, and hair flips on the back at different angles. One can part this hairstyle from right, left or center. Also you can add more grace by using blonde highlights into this hairstyle.

Flip Up

Wavy Shag

It is another perfect choice for medium length hairstyles. It is basically a layered hairstyle, and provides a messy look. It compliments all face shapes as well as dresses.

For wavy shag hair style, all types of hair can be textured and styled in a various ways through razor. The length of the layers can be adjusted according to the shape of your face. Surely, this cut gives you a classic and an attractive look.

Wavy Shag

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Medium Hair Length Updo

There are many updo hairstyles available for different formal occasions. Thus, they are not only like longer and fancy updos, but they also provide a cute and charming look. Medium length updos are popular for every event from school to Red Carpet (Hollywood).

Yes, simple updo with center partition bangs can give an alluring look. Many ladies have been opted for this style and get desired results. It is a true that hairstyle also enhances the beauty of facial features. So, it is important to choose the best style for your hair.

Hair Updo

Short Even Layers

The name clearly implies that this hairstyle has short layers that are on both front and back sides. The layers can remove the hair weight, and provides a lot of movements and texture into hair. It works best with all face shapes, and with hair that is medium to thick in density & straight to wavy will look best in this hairstyle.

By using smoothing products you can add more style in short even layers hairstyle. Most of women are comfortable with medium length hair and styles because they are easy to manage and style. No doubt, medium length hair is very easy to manage and a wide variety of hair styles are available to choose from. All these above-mentioned hairstyles compliment all face shapes, so one can choose any hairstyle according to one’s taste.

Short Even Layers