Choose The Best Hair Color For You – Change Your Look Completely

Choose The Best Hair Color For You

Our look depends a lot on our hair. The hair cut and especially hair color is a big factor when it comes to style and your look. Along with your hairstyle it is better to change the color of your hair once in a while.

That will bring a big change in your appearance. Now days you have so many colors to choose from. You can either color the entire lot or get a few streaks.

When you are about to color your hair there are certain things you have to remember. Like I said, there is every shade of hair dye available in the market from brown to burgundy, copper red and even blue and scarlet as well. Do not go for just any shade. Choose wisely. You have to use a color that goes with the complexion of your skin as well as your personality.

Before coloring the hair you have to decide whether the color is permanent or temporary. If it is permanent, make sure you mix the color with a chemical called hydrogen peroxide. That will lift the hair color.

Complexion is very important when it comes to coloring hair. If your complexion is pale then you have a big advantage as any color goes with this skin tone. On the other hand those with a pink skin tone can go for any shade of ash. That suits the pink skin tone well.

For those with blond skin tone, dark brown is your color. But if you have fair complexion, then go for something drastic, such as red.

Red Color hair

Those with natural skin must be wondering what color is for them. For you there is chocolate brown, honey and bronze.

Chocolate brown Hair

If you have short hair then it is better to avoid streaks. They look better on longer hair. Avoid colors like orange, yellow and similar shades. And last but not the least there is black. This dark shade is for those who have an olive complexion.

If you want to cover grey hair, you can use any color you want or you can go for the one that goes with your skin tone. In this case there is no such hard and fast rule. Color your hair and change your look.

Color your hair and change your look