Choose the Correct Hairbrush for Yourself

Brushing your hair is important as it helps settle it in an orderly manner and remove tangles as well. Brushing hair is a part of the daily life of anyone who would stand in front of the mirror!

So know more about the brushes so that you are able to choose the right one when you will.

The first hair brush kind is the Styler Hair Brush which has bristles on one side only and they usually form a half circle bend. They are best used on haircut that is bob shaped and hair that is not excessive long but only mid length long. It is used to straighten the length and ends of your hair.

The simplest of all brushes is called the Vent hairbrush. This brush is characterized by vents through which air flows and this hair brush is used to give hair height and also induce slight puffiness and can be used to give the hair some direction.

Then there is the Cushion hair brush which has bristles that are on a single side and the base-as the name suggests- is made of cushion. This brush does allow you to build height in the hair or puffiness. This brush should be used only if you hair is short or of medium size and is not too dense, and can be used to straighten the hair out.

The Round hair brush is the best brush to help the hair lift. It has more open bristles. The dense bristle pack is useful in smoothing out the thick waves or curls in the hair.

Then there is the Paddle hair brush which resembles the cushion hairbrush, but only is larger. This is the ideal brush for long hair. If you have been trying to straighten out the curls, use this brush to give the right final touches. The name is derived from the fact that this large brush is used to brush long hair straight down in a paddling motion.

Lastly, The Vent or the Styler brushes have a drier fit into them and these are hence called Thermal Brushes which are used to both dry the hair and comb them.