Choose The Right Type of Yoga for You

yogaforslimmersWe refer to yoga as just one entity. However, there are many different types of yoga, having only one thing as its common denominator and that is to enhance health habits, develop strength, calmness, and achieve synchronization of the body, mind and more importantly, the spirit.

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline to harmonize your body and the following are some tips on several choices of this discipline. Some types are not really fitted for the normal individuals, such as “rajah” meaning royal and “bhakti” meaning devotional. In order not to complicate things, we are going to focus on the basic types.

The different types of yoga

The most common method is the Hatha Yoga, which is mainly a focus on moderate breathing and posture exercises. The Hatha yoga approach is suited for those individuals who are just starting to practice the discipline.

Next is the power yoga, known as Ashtanga or literally “eight-limbed yoga”. This is most fitted for active individuals, since it is composed of several postures that require individuals to function at a fast pace. The whole activity comprises of six sequences of different poses and it has variance of difficulty per sequence.

A historical form of exercise is the so-called Bikram Yoga (named after the technique developer, Bikram Chaudhary) or “Fire Yoga”. One of its distinct features is that the venue where you are going to perform the exercise is heated, so that the individual can sweat it out. In this manner, harmful toxins in the body are emitted.

Yoga in the US

In the US, there is also a very common style of exercise being practiced with various props like wooden gadgets, belts, etc and we call it Iyengar Yoga. The father of this technique, which is suitable for the masses, is B K S Iyengar. This method mainly focuses on standing positions and it requires the individual to give attention to the position of his body. The activity emphasizes on breathing and balance of the person.

All of the above specified methods are useful, depending upon your personal choice. Also take into consideration what exactly you want to obtain, when you practice the chosen discipline. Consideration of one’s commitment to the cause is also equally important.

What is best about yoga is it helps you to develop a healthy lifestyle by starting from a basic routine until it becomes a habit. There is no need for one to become a Hindu to practice the discipline but simply, to acknowledge simple but useful habits in life.