Choosing A Short Hairstyle

Choosing A Short Hairstyle

A short hairstyle is a good look for almost anybody. Most people w0ho have long hair are afraid to part with their long locks because they have never seen themselves with short hair or if they did have short hair at one point of their lives, they did not feel comfortable with their appearance.

Short hair is no longer reserved for the artistic type or older women. In fact, short hair looks better on more people than wearing the hair long. Not because long hair is not healthy looking but because 1) it is easier and faster to care for and style short hair and 2) because when the hair is short, the hair’s oils reach the full length of each strand of hair for a healthier appearance.

When you decide to take the leap and cut off your long hair and try a shorter hairstyle, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration first.

You will first need to determine what the shape of your face is. The shape of your face can help to determine, which short hairstyle is best suited for you. A person with a round face will want to stay away from a pixie hairstyle or something that is slicked back.

Pixie Hairstyle

A short, layered look that hits right at the chin will work best for someone with a round face. A round face can look longer and leaner by adding volume on the top of the head or some bangs that can be pushed to the side.

Short - Layered Hairstyle

If you have a long face, go heavy on the bangs and keep the hair around chin length.  This will square off the face and make it look shorter. A person with a square face will want to keep the cut soft around the face instead of using sharp, razor cuts. People with heart-shaped faces can add some fun to their short hairstyle by adding a flip at the ends.


Now that you understand what your face shape is, you need to search for a good stylist to help create the short hairstyle that suits both your face and your lifestyle. If you like to get up and go you should go for a style that requires little maintenance.

Keep in mind, just because hair is kept short does not mean that you do not have to style it every day.  It needs to be styled so that the shape of the hair is maintained.

Short Hairstyle

One of the easiest short hairstyles to maintain on a daily basis is a pixie cut. After washing the hair, it can be easily tousled dry with some gel added to it. You can get away with a messy look with this hairstyle.

If the hair is worn straight, you will need to use a gel or pomade to keep the hair smooth. Short, curly hair just needs a diffuser and some mousse to scrunch the curls.

Straight short hair