Choosing Lip Gloss

Choosing Lip Gloss

Choosing Lip GlossIts possible that lip gloss is one of the simplest, yet most wonderful cosmetic inventions of all time. Lip gloss comes in cute tubes and funky little tins that look great when they are lined up on your bathroom counter. There are literally hundreds of really great tasting flavors to choose from, and the lip gloss heals your lips while also keeping them soft and supple.

Things to Look for

When you are at your favorite drugstore and shopping for a new container of lip gloss, it is really easy to let yourself get distracted by a cute container and a funky new flavor. When this happens you need to rein in your enthusiasm and remind yourself that your lip gloss is supposed to serve a purpose.

When you are picking out a new lip gloss you want to make sure that it is long wearing.  Your lip gloss should be waterproof. The third thing you want to look for when you are purchasing new lip gloss is that it lists sunscreen as one of the ingredients; you will appreciate the addition the next time you are outside.

Replace Your Lipstick

One of the things we sometimes loose track of when we think about lip gloss is that it can also be used in place of a lipstick. If you are going to use your lip gloss instead of lipstick you should try to find one that is slightly tinted. The tinting will enhance the natural color of your mouth. You should also try to use a lip gloss that has some shimmer to it.

Improve Your Lipstick

Lip gloss can even be used to make your lipstick look fantastic. Before you put on your lipstick, you should first apply a layer of your favorite lip gloss on as a base coat. Next you should use your lipstick to add some color to your lips; you will be thrilled when you see how smoothly the lipstick looks when the lip gloss fills in the natural folds of your mouth.

In addition to making your mouth smoother, the lip gloss base will also protect your lips from the drying effects of the lipstick. After blotting your lipstick you should cover your lips with a second layer of lip gloss. This time the gloss will make your lips appear fuller and cause your lipstick to last longer.

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