Choosing The Right Bag

eveningpartybagAn important accessory in everyone’s wardrobe, the right bag needs to be not only fashionable but comfortable as well. Finding the perfect combination of these two elements can be a difficult task.

You should start by deciding the manner in which you intend to use your bag. Will it be used primarily as an aesthetic addition to complement your style or is its main purpose more functional?

Generally, if you are looking to merely accessorize, you should go with a smaller yet more noticeable style, such as a clutch. If it is intended for the purpose of carrying items for work or pleasure, you should opt for a bigger more comfortable bag in a simpler style.

There are several bags available; which can match your individual style. If you prefer a sportier look, you can choose a satchel. If Bohemian is your style, go with a larger bag made from natural materials. Sling it on one shoulder and your ready to go. The classic, elegant look can be achieved by choosing a mid-sized leather bag, available in an array of neutral colors.

Keep in mind that bags are a fashion accessory with an ever-changing style. What works this year will surely be out of date by the following year, so plan on purchasing a new one in the near future if you want to appear trendy.

For example, right now metal detailing is popular on bags. Regardless of your personal style, there will always be numerous choices for you to find a bag, which is both trendy and expressive of whom you are.

It is a good idea to first check the main color of the clothing in your closet before you set out to purchase a bag. This will ensure that the bag you choose will be versatile enough to match the majority of the clothes you wear every day. If you are not nailed down to one particular color and find your closet is more of a rainbow of clothing, this takes color out of the equation and frees you up to purchase a colorful bag of your choosing based solely on its like ability.

Remember, if your bag is not for function but for style, the smaller the better. Small handbags have an air of elegance and always offer a subtle hint of style. For a luxurious night out on the town, there is no substitute for a small black bag embellished with jewels to emit pure elegance.