Tips For Choosing The Right Wardrobe


Clothes project favorable or unfavorable image of a person, an improper dress sense mars a person’s personality, and no matter how strikingly handsome or beautiful one is!


It is real embarrassment to wear the wrong attire for any occasion. It is often confusing and a nagging problem to dress to the occasion, whether it is for a party, business meeting, interview or a wedding. To find the right wardrobe is a daunting task. There are different dress codes to suit the occasions.

The terms commonly used to define a wardrobe is casuals/smart casuals, informal or formal dress. Many people confuse with the terms formal and informal dress.

Casual dresses generally stands for cool and easy going type of latest wear which offers more comfort. It includes short dresses, summer dresses, jeans with stylish top or collared shirt etc. A casual dress goes well for a birthday party.

Smart casual consists of blazer or a sports jacket, a collared shirt and trousers, neck tie being optional. It goes well for every day wear, business purpose etc.

Smart casual

Business casuals are sported with collared shirts especially polo shirts without necktie and khaki pants or chinos.

Informal dress or the international standard business attire is a dress code specified with suit and neck tie. It is also called business formal due to its strong association with business. For men it is pair of trousers with matching jacket.

Informal dress

The suit is dark colored in hues of grey, dark blue, brown or black worn with long sleeved shirt and a tie; though brown color is outdated now. Informal dress finds its way during religious services, for government functions, funeral etc. Informal attire is the typical dress at the daytime weddings .For women to be dressed in informal wear is to don a suit consisting of a jacket with trousers or skirts, plus a blouse.

Formal dress code falls in the category of white tie or evening dress suited for balls, opera and banquets, worn only after dark. For women it includes cocktail dresses, dinner gowns, ball gowns and evening gowns.

Formal dress code is essential for companies; it enhances the image and speaks of the professionalism of the company. Formal wear in uniform is unisex such as academic and graduate dress, formal military uniforms etc.

Formal dressBe dashing and confident wearing the right clothing suiting the occasion.