8 Club Wear Ideas For Men And Women

Club Wear Ideas For Men And Women

After a whole week of tiring work, and exhaustion, everyone feels like going out for partying and enjoying at night clubs. And it is proven that dancing is a great way of reducing stress.

But, not every people know how to make themselves ready for a night club. There are certain rules and regulations for nightclubs, as to how you should behave there, and also how you should dress yourself to look ravishing and steal every body’s attention. Everyone doesn’t know how to dress for a nightclub, and especially if you are a first timer. So follow the below mentioned guidelines, let your hair fall, and go out for fun!!

One thing that you should keep in mind before buying any dress is that, your undergarments should be of good quality and specially made to keep everything in place and eliminate panty lines. For this, you should choose undergarments like thongs which are specially made for wearing short and tight fitting dresses.

Women’s Dresses For Clubs

One-Shoulder Mini Dress

A one- shoulder dress is so named, because there is only one shoulder strap on only one shoulder. The other shoulder remains empty. One shoulder dresses are very much into the fashion now-a-days. They have been quite favourites of Hollywood divas, and has now made its entry into the lives of common people.

Young girls look very pretty and hot wearing these dresses, and the one-shoulder dresses are very popular among the club goers. An advantage of a one shoulder style is that, it can be worn as a top with jeans, or shorts, or can also be worn as mini dresses. For people who are conservative, yet they want look sexy and perfect for a club, a one-shoulder dress is just perfect for them.

One-Shoulder Mini Dress


Shorts are smaller versions of full jeans pants or trousers. Shorts are normally worn like pants over the waist, but they generally extend to above the thighs or sometimes up to the knees. Shorts are of many types, but among them, denim shorts and hot pants are very popular among club goers.

Sometimes the hot pants are tight and skinny, while sometimes that can be a little baggy as well. Baggy hot pants made of licra look very sexy when teamed up with glitzy tees. Shorts are just perfect dress for people whose butts and legs are very well toned.

Shorts may be a perfect dress option for those who want to expose more of their skin and stay free and comfortable while dancing at clubs. Shorts look really hot and sexy, so this can be one of your favourite dresses for the club life.


Tube Dress

Tube dresses are also quite popular club dress. These dresses are strapless and sleeveless dresses, which only wraps the torso region up to the upper thighs. They look like a bandage wrapping the body, but do not confuse them with the bandage dresses.

If you do not want to wear a tube dress, then you can also wear tube tops instead. Tube tops teamed up with shorts or miniskirts also looks equally hot and sexy. Tube dresses are made of fabrics like cotton or lycra, and comes in various solid colours and flowery patterns and also in metal like shiny fabrics. Accessorise your tube tops or dresses with boot shoes and big gold jewellery, to steal the show.

Tube Dress


Corsets were once worn as an undergarment to hold the bust tightly. These were worn instead of bras, and both by women and men. But now corsets are not used as undergarment, rather they are used as sexy over-garments.

Lacy white corsets paired with jeans or denim skirts are just enough for your club parties. You can also wear a small jacket on top of your corsets. Corsets can be worn with boots, and minimum jewellery to give a classy yet sexy look.


Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are dresses in which the back of the dress is eliminated and the dress is held by spaghetti straps or halter necks. In case of halter necks, cover up the neck strap with your hair to give an impression that nothing is holding the dress. Backless mini tube dresses look very feminine and sexy.

When you are going to a club, choose a metallic look shiny dress and accessorise it with big flashy necklaces and one or more bracelets or bangles. And as far as shoes are concerned, high heels are pretty much into fashion, and you should definitely wear a strapped pencil heel shoe or stilettos with this type of a dress.

Backless Dresses

Jeans And Tops

Normally jeans are not allowed in clubs, but if they do allow, you can wear a pair of cool denims and tops in the night club. White balloon tops looks very nice and classy, as well as sexy. You can also try V-necks and halter neck tops. Cool and funky tops are also good combinations with jeans.

If you are not allowed to wear jeans at a club, then you may also try to wear spaghetti tops and capri pants. You can also wear black metallic trousers with backless tops made from the same fabric. This combination also looks very flattering as a club dress.

Jeans And Tops

Men’s Dresses And Accessories For Clubs

For men, clubs impose a lot of restrictions on what they should not wear. In most clubs baggy jeans, sneakers, hoodies and sweat shirts are not allowed. In most big clubs jeans are also not allowed, but you can wear slacks instead. Solid colour shirts, like black satin shirts worn with trousers are favourites of women.

Leather jackets are also cool options for a club wear. You can also wear a nice and classy blazer. It gives an impression to women that you are really mature and settled in your life. You can also add a little bit of jazz by wearing a luxurious watch and belt.

Leather jackets

Accessories To Be Worn With Women’s Dresses

Women can try long chain like necklaces to wear with jeans and tops. You can also accessorise your luxurious elegant dress with a pair of nice danglers, and stone or crystal studded wristlets or flashy bangles. You should also be very careful about choosing the right pairs of shoes.

If you are planning to dance, then you may go for an open-toe flat shoe, or pumps. But if you do not intend to dance, then a high heel like stilettos would be just fine. So go ahead, choose the right dress and accessories to heat up your clubbing life.

Luxurious Elegant Dress

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