Common cancer causing substances

common-cancerCancer in the simplest terms is a disease which is initiated by our own body. The cancer cells start to produce new growth uncontrollably till they disrupt the system and kill the body. In a way it is like unknown suicide, but they can be controlled and prevented.

In the past it was believed that cancer was caused by certain viruses, but now it is known that more than 80% of cancer is caused by behavioral factors which are under human control.

People now a days knowing the fact that smoking is dangerous for health, continue to smoke on regular basis. In fact, smoking and a poor diet are the two major causes of cancer. 2/3rd of all cancers diagnosed each year are due to the above two factors. Another cause of cancer is the chemical pollutants. Although they account for only 5% of all cancers diagnosed.

It’s true, the less you are in contact with cancer causing agents, also known as carcinogens, the less risk you have to develop this disease.

The cancerous cells are generally present in our bodies on regular basis, but our healthy immune system detects them and eliminates them right away. But if our bodies are exposed to carcinogens for a longer period of time, then our immune system weakens and the problem worsens. The cancer cells have the capacity to produce new growth as much as they want.

Here are some carcinogens that cause cancer in human bodies. It is important to decrease the contact with them as far as possible.

Inorganic arsenic: – this chemical is generally used in plant manufacturing and is discarded in the rivers or lakes. From there it ends up in the supply water, and if not purified properly then it risks in developing cancer.

Benzene: – it is usually found in tobacco smoke, auto gas emission, plastic, pesticides and detergents.

Cadmium: – it is used in the production of batteries, plastic, metal coating etc. even cigarette smoke has traces of this substance.

Chlorinated paraffin waxes: – this is used in candle production.

Dichlorobenzidine: – a substance used in dyes and is found in sprays and enamels.

In a recent study it was proved that long-term consumption of caffeine can cause cancer as well.

Natural pesticides produced by plants are also sources of cancer. Another natural carcinogen is fat. It not only affects the heart but also causes cancer.

However, eating the right food and regular exercise can prevent cancer and decrease the chances of several other diseases as well.

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