Common Causes Of Women’s Oily Hair

Oily Hair

oily hair causesOily hair us very advantageous, as the natural oil in hair, prevent it from becoming very dry and frizzy. But instead of having oily hair, if you hair becomes oily due the excess production of oil from the scalp, then be cautious.

This sign indicates, that your hair is losing its natural oil, and because of that, the scalp is producing oil to supplement the lost oil from the hairs. An excessively oily scalp is very problematic and  it also makes the hair very smelly and dirty, which results in more disastrous results of severe hair fall. So, to get rid of oily scalp and hair, you must know what is making your hair oily and dirty. Here are some points, which will explain the reason behind that.

1. Genetic Reasons Of Oily Hair

One of the main reasons of naturally oily hair may be hereditary conditions. Women suffering from oily hair problems may also notice this problem in their parents or even relatives. In this case, one cannot undergo any treatments, because the cause is not external, rather it is internal.

For such a problem, consultation with a dermatologist should be the best solution, and otherwise hair products which are specially formulated for oily hair can also be used, to temporarily get rid of the problem.

2. Harsh Shampoo

People, who have genetic problem of oily hair, sometimes use very harsh chemical containing shampoo on their hair. This will only solve the problem temporarily, but will gradually lead to another problem. Harsh chemicals in shampoo tear away the natural moisture and oil of hair, which makes the hairs very dry and frizzy.

And to supplement the lost oil from hair the scalp stats secreting more oil. In such case, one should use a gentle natural shampoo, to maintain the oil balance in hair. And apart from using a natural shampoo, one should also avoid using shampoos regularly to prevent oil loss from hair.

3. Hormonal Disorders

Once women attain puberty, many hormonal changes occur in their body. And these hormonal changes also sometimes lead to their imbalance. Greasy hair and scalp may also be a result of hormonal imbalance in our body. In such cases one should consult a doctor to get the best results.

4. Combing

Combing or brushing oily hair several times makes the hair even oilier. The oil which makes our hair oily is actually produced in the scalp, and hence combing the hair distributes the oil in the entire hair. In order to get relief from such a problem, avoid brushing or combing your hair many times, and you can also use hair products which are specially made for oily scalp and hair.

5. Eating Habits And Nutrition

Our skin produces more oil on consumption of oily food, similarly our scalp also starts to secrete more oil if we start depending more on fried, oily foods and preserved foods. So, if you are fighting against oily scalp, then you have to be more resistant against oily food, and instead you have to start eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, which are rich in minerals and vitamins.

6. Avoid Conditioner

People, who already have oily hair, do not generally need a conditioner, but if somebody wants to keep their hair healthy, then they should use a conditioner. And they should use the conditioner in very little quantity, and should remember to wash it properly.

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