Common Diet Follies

Common Diet Follies

Common Diet FolliesThese days it is the fascination to go for crash diets in America, and many people end up in doing biggest dieting blunders unintentionally.

We have listed few of them below :

Skipping Breakfast: for many people skipping breakfast is the simplest way to loose calories, but the reality is that it leads to drop in blood sugar levels. This means that entire day you will crave for meals and will end up in galloping bigger portion of meals. Protein and fiber are extremely important constituents of a healthy breakfast. You may try having an egg, a piece of whole – wheat toast, and half grapefruit , this will have only 250calories and these will help in controlling hunger throughout the day.

Count your calories:You should count your calories carefully, in fact plan your meals based on calorie intake along with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins etc. Take small meals and between these meals snacking will help you to have high and efficient metabolism rate. You can also choose nuts such as almonds, walnuts over fast food.

Overlooking calories from drinks : Calories form drinks such as beer, smoothies, coffee can really make big contribution to your weight gain.

Here are few drinks with their calorie content for your reference-

12-ounce beer (light) : 110 calories
8-ounce coffee (with cream & sugar) : 30 calories
5 ounces of wine: 120-130 calories
12-ounce of soda: 150 calories
20-ounce smoothie: 410 calories

Switching to more vegetable juices, skim milk or small portions of fresh fruit juices will be a healthier option.

Intake of water : water intake should be ideally come from purely from water. You may count dairy products, fruit juices in water intake as well. Alcoholic drinks tend to dehydrate you, hence these should not be considered under water intake count.

Not including exercise in your regime :
the biggest diet blunders people do is focusing only on calories reduction through intake of food. This situation will lead to entire burden of weight reduction on your diet chart. The key is to find the exercise which gives you joy. One may try swimming, ballet, biking to burn more calories than walking. We would suggest you to spend time on different physical activities every day.