Common Natural Cure For Herpes


HerpesRecent studies reveal that around one-tenth of the world’s population carries the virus in their body which is capable of giving rise to herpes. Even though it is becoming common day by day, people who suffer from it are often isolated from others.

In order to treat this disease in an effective and rapid way, it is best to opt for natural cures and related methods of treatment as they do not have any side-effects on the skin and ensure that herpes does not leave behind any permanent marks or scars after they get treated completely. The most common natural cures for herpes should be used regularly for visible results.

Natural Cure For Herpes

 Tea Tree Oil

This oil contains antiseptic qualities along with some antiviral properties which are very effecting in treating herpes. Being the most common natural cure for herpes, this oil is available in grocery and health stores. Take a little bit of this oil on your palm and rub it on the affected area 3 to 4 times a day. The affected area starts drying up and heals within 15 days of regular use. If tea tree oil is applied as soon as the herpes starts to develop, it can prevent an outbreak from taking place.

 Melon Juice

Take the juice of bitter melon and drink around 10 teaspoons of this juice every day, preferably in the mornings. This is one of the best natural cures for herpes as it has great antibiotic properties which kill the germs of herpes and prevent it from spreading to other body parts.

Melon Juice

Refrain from using this method of natural cure if you suffer from liver infection or have suffered from it before.

 Stay Clean

Staying clean and hygienic is one of the best ways to cure herpes. Keeping the area free from dirt and germs will not only prevent the sores to increase but also cure the existing ones. Wash the affected area regularly with water and then wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth. You can apply some powder on the affected area.

 Olive Oil And Bee Wax

Take a cup of olive oil and heat it well in a pan. Add a little bit of bee wax to it along with some lavender. Boil for a few minutes and then remove from flame.

olive oil

After the mixture has cooled, take a brush and spread it evenly on the affected area. This will prevent an outbreak from occurring and cure the disease if applied on a regular basis for at least a month.

 Wonder of Herbs

The herb Prunella vulgaris has been proven to cure the problem of herpes from its root and it also ensures that this disease does not relapse again. Take some extracts of this herb and boil it with water to form tea. Add some honey if required. Drink this tea 3 times every day for quick recovery from herpes.

 Gypsy Mushrooms

Gypsy Mushrooms

Gypsy mushrooms are also known as Rozites carpeta. They are very effective in curing herpes in a natural manner if eaten in good quantities on a regular basis. They prevent the infection from spreading and cure the existing infection.